Russia Intervenes in Controversial Iran Nuclear Deal

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Moscow has sought guarantees concerning its trade ties with Iran to undermine Western countries’ response to the Ukraine invasion.

Russia has been under accusations of trying to take the 2015 Iran nuclear deal hostage in a bid to extend its battle with Western economies over Ukraine after it threw last-minute concerns into the plans for establishing an agreement to lift the economic sanctions imposed by the United States on Ukraine.

Lavrov Seeks To Continue Trade

Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, revealed that Putin’s administration wanted the assurance that the sanctions being imposed on Moscow for its special operations Ukraine would not strain the trading relations with the Iranian regime.

Analysts have registered fears that the demands placed by Russia for written guarantees from the United States may not be constructive for the ongoing talks between global powers and Iran to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.

Similarly, there are fears that Russia’s announcement could torpedo the time that Washington and Tehran have invested in indirect talks in Vienna. The information came shortly after the Iranian administration had said that it had agreed on a roadmap to be implemented in coordination with the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog to get solutions to the outstanding issues that will help secure an apparent atomic pact.

Stumbling Blocks

In Sergei Lavrov’s view, the sanctions imposed on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine are a clear stumbling block for the nuclear deal, warning that the national interests of Moscow needed to be taken into consideration.

The Russian Foreign Minister also demanded an assurance that the trade, investments, and technical military cooperation that Moscow had established with Tehran would not be hindered in any way by the sanctions.

Reacting to Russia’s demand, the U.S. State Department revealed the new sanctions it had imposed on Moscow needed not impact the Western economies’ pursuit to revive the Iran nuclear accord.

There are reports that China also demanded a written agreement from the United States that Chinese companies operating in Iran will not be negatively affected by the sanctions placed by Washington D.C.