Senator’s Covid-19 Vaccine Conspiracies

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A certain United States Senator hit the headlines of Fox News on Tucker Carlson’s show. The two were discussing about the prevalent Covid-19 pandemic that caught the world unawares and has had severe impacts on not only the health and well-being of people but also the social and economic aspects of people all over the globe. Having claimed over seven hundred thousand lives in the United States, Tucker and the Senator were discussing the virus and what could have been done differently so as to avert such a high number of deaths as it had been experienced in America. The entire show’s talks boiled down to the Senator’s controversial view on the government agency, well known as FDA, the United States Food and Drug Administration, responsible for recommendations and approval of food, drugs and even vaccines that are fit for use by the American citizens.  

On the very popular cable news show in the United States, Senator Ron Johnson pointed out of how FDA had not yet approved of any other vaccine to be used by the people of the great America apart from Pfizer and the Comirnaty version of the same Pfizer vaccine, which was not really available for use by the people. This begged the question of what is the point of approving another version of the already approved vaccine. In his own words, this was like using bait for attraction and the switching it. His opinion, which the government agency, FDA, without wavering shot down, was that ivermectin should be used to suppress the Covid-19 virus during its early stages. According to the Senator, the Pfizer drug was just like repackaged ivermectin, only more expensive. Merck had also made an edict about its all new drug which was estimated to be 50 percent efficient in the prevention of hospitalization or even death from the virus, Covid-19. Their drug was named molnupilavir, which Ron Johnson could not help but deride, calling it “moneypilavir”. This drug from Merck was said to be patented and repackaged ivermectin, which was a bag-full of dollars more exorbitant than the normal ivermectin which only cost some few cents shy of a ten cents. 

It was true per se that Merck was pursuing the sale of the more expensive drug of all the drugs it manufactured but it should also be noted that the less expensive one, ivermectin, was not under the recommendation lists of the FDA nor any other manufacturer of drugs as a remedy to Covid-19. The studies on the ivermectin drug against Covid-19 have shown that to some extent, it is a little efficient, but most analysis showed significant problems and also little to no effect from the more robust ones. Studies conducted in Brazil on drugs proved that the so called ivermectin had no effects on the primary results whatsoever. One of the biggest promoters of ivermectin admitted that the drug sales had blown over the roof during his congressional address. For Ron Johnson’s case to be regarded as a conspiracy, the ivermectin drug should have been in use as a drug to treat Covid-19 but this was in no way the case. I mean, both FDA as well as the manufacturers of the drug themselves had refuted to the claims that it was efficient as a treatment for Covid-19.  

The notion circulating even in social media platforms that the drug ivermectin had been carefully and effectively repackaged to become the all popular Pfizer vaccine is just that; a notion that has zero bits of truthfulness in it. However, the Senator did not cease in his spirited efforts to prove his point. Clearly, the man had something to tell the world and not even the plain facts earlier stated could come in his way. He had not in as much entertained, leave alone evaluate the theory that ivermectin was only a little efficient in the treatment of the early stages of Covid-19 by chance and had not actually been designed to accomplish this very purpose. Ron Johnson still had a bullet in his chamber, which he purposed to aim at FDA, and hopefully this time, he would not miss. 

This is the point the aforementioned Comirnaty vaccine, similar to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, comes in. Ron derisively mentions that the Comirnaty vaccine that FDA had approved for use in the United States was available, yes, but maybe in as far as Europe. Why would the United States Food and Drugs Administration declare an approval for a vaccine that is out of reach for the people in America? Why rebrand Pfizer as Comirnaty and then use the former under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)? Did it mean that in the entire of America there did not exist a vaccine that was fully approved? Why not just approve the Pfizer vaccine that is readily available in the country? Was the renaming and approval of the Comirnaty vaccine crafted to enable the free use of EUA Pfizer?