Seychelles Is Mostly Vaccinated But Shows Startling Rise in Cases

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The common consensus is that if you will vaccinate you will be fine but Seychelle’s COVID-19 cases and its rise shows a different story. It’s a doozy in a world where two mask Fauci and company continue to ask for compliance on masks and vaccines. So what is going on this island nation in the Indian Ocean?

The WHO Asks What on Seychelles Data

The World Health Organization revealed last Tuesday that it was in the process of reviewing COVID-19 data from Seychelles following the island country’s health ministry’s declaration that nearly one third of those who tested positive in the prior week had been fully vaccinated. The information from Seychelles sparked a lot of fears of COVID-19 reinfections even with around 65% inoculation.

However, both the Seychelle’s health ministry and the World Health Organization emphasized that most of the individuals who tested positive for coronavirus had either been exposed to one dose or had not received any form of vaccination against the killer disease. WHO confirmed that none of the people who succumbed to the disease had been fully vaccinated, citing that they had previously presented with critical cases.

The WHO also noted that it had taken the issue with serious concern and was following the situation in Seychelles with quite a bit of consideration.

Critical Details on the Seychelles COVID-19 Data

Seychelles has a population of less than 100,000, while the number of cases reported on a daily basis was in the low hundreds. A WHO spokeswoman revealed that the global organization’s “teams continue to review the data, assess progress and understand the trends.”

Seychelles has reported an overall increase in its daily rolling coronavirus positive cases recently. The cases increased to 314 on 8th of May from 120 on 30th April. In a statement, the health ministry attributed the increasing number of positive cases to close contacts and lack of social distancing.

A Key Portion of Individuals Affected Do Have Both Doses of the Vaccine

Worrisomely, a report from the ministry noted that about 37% of the individuals who tested positive had been exposed to a double jab of the COVID-19 vaccine. Similarly, 57% of the fully vaccinated nationals had acquired the vaccine from Sinopharm, a drug maker owned by China. WHO also revealed that about 60% of Seychelles nationals had received the two doses.

Phase III vaccine trials conducted by Sinopharm indicated that the jab had an efficacy rate of 79% against symptomatic infections if it is administered at 21-days intervals. Interestingly, a health minister in China did note that he thought that the vaccine efficacy was terribly low before quickly retracing steps and noting that the statement was misinterpreted.

To date, Seychelles has recorded less than 8,200 coronavirus cases. Even though the number of cases saw a significant drop between 5th and 8th May, the ministry indicated concerns over the transmission rates.

This Begs The Question is It An Issue with The Vaccine Creators or Is It An Issue With Testing in the Seychelles?

These questions are part of the larger issue with the COVID-19 virus, it is vague, ambiguous and open to interpretation. Indeed, much like climate change, another item on the global agenda, it is hard to genuinely state with full clarity what the data shows. In Seychelles, the cases could rise due to lack of efficacy of those particular vaccines, or it could show that proper protocols were not followed during the initial intake of the samples. It could also show the labs may have confused the testing.

If lockdowns work and if masks or other cautionary methods make a difference. For instance, an MIT study did note that six feet or sixty feet indoors makes no difference.

Further, the federal guidance that followed the science has changed as the months pass by, arbitrary rules like masking up while standing in restaurants and taking masks off when seated also makes one wonder about how officials are implementing their guidance or impositions.

Meanwhile, Seychelles continues to welcome visitors while at the same time it has reimposed social distancing and curbs on social activity for around two weeks.