Superman and the Absurd Leftists

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Growing up, Superman was quite a household name and also a popular name in the streets. Every young lad or lass wanted to associate with Superman’s prowess and good heart, always ready to put the needs of other before his own. On a normal occasion, he was a common office and family guy, Clark Kent, doing his thing to earn a living for himself, but once there was looming danger, he would transform into the all-powerful man of steel and he would, in his own heroic ways, “save the world”. He has been evolving over time, ever since he came to planet earth, from Kal-El to Clark Kent, but this could only be known by those comic book fanatics. That is what he was, yes, “he”. What about this idea of diluting the “he” aspect of Superman, and making him bisexual? Does it even make sense? 

Why Create Further Confusion with Core Characters like Superman?

Since the ‘70s, the cartoons of Justice League took up space in the entertainment world. It painted a picture of the super powerful men and women who were set out to save the world from the nefarious acts of some evil people. The super hero characters would motivate others to ostracize acts of crime and malice, showcasing what would befall the perpetrators of crime and injustice. The leader of this elite team of superheroes was none other than Superman himself.

A man of steel, indestructible by any weapon forged against him and strong enough to tackle anything. He is a man compared to the biblical legends of the ancient times such as Moses and Jesus himself. Moses in the sense that he sacrificed himself, gave up his old life to go save other people who were trapped in a foreign land as slaves of the ancient Pharaohs, and Jesus in the sense that he came from a foreign realm to come and suffer, omitting the dying part, on behalf of a sin-obsessed human race.

Those against the leftist beliefs and notions would beg to differ with this comparisons, claiming that this comic hero could not in any way be compared to those spiritual and divine bible personalities, and that is a subject for discussion to be saved for another time.

Why Do We Have To Change Everything For…No Reason?

For now, this leftist claim that the new Superman version should be fluid in terms of his sexuality is what will be addressed due to its absurd nature. How in the world could these leftists be so self-centred? 

First, remember that Superman is an alien that has a similar form of a human, happens to be raised by a nuclear family and is straight. What is wrong with that? Someone with supernatural powers, has to be of a different sexual orientation? The issue here is that there is a regular push to re-write history, to create a world that never was. The idea seems to be to push for a great reset culturally, economically, and across the board.

Now, coming back to Superman.

His reputation precedes him, not because he was male or female, but because he made the ultimate choice to be great and put the needs of others above his own. He cared for a world and people who in literal sense were not his own and did service that promoted justice in the world he came to after his own collapsed.

The same cannot be said of these leftists who are placing their needs to be recognized and accorded some sense of false fairness before the needs of anyone else. The demands to make superman a bisexual individual to sooth their desires clearly depicts the dramatic irony that acutely contrasts the very nature of Superman. Using bisexualism and the gay nature as a tool to support this absurd idea is only objectifying such people who fall within this bracket, just to get their approval by making them feel recognized and appreciated.

There is a Focus on Division Instead of Concrete Progress

This is something that should not make gay and bisexual people grin, but rather look at these leftists with absolute askance. Former legends such as Marie Curie from the science field and Walt Whitman the poet were not brought to the spotlight by their nature of being gay or bisexual, but by doing legendary things that brought the world to a standstill. This would be diminishing the intended nature the creator of Superman intended to push to the world. 

The Point of Superman

The Superman idea was to make people act in the interest of the greater good, something greater that any single individual, and focus less on their own selves and their personal needs. No one really cares about his sex on gender orientation and inclination. By manipulating his nature to suit the selfish desires of a few people, these leftists only prove right the sentiments of the great Lex Luther, that they care about nothing else but themselves and at the end of the day, this is the only stumbling block on the path to them propagating their own agenda.

It is really absurd expecting the entire world to go out of its way to satisfy the needs of these leftists while they themselves remain on the receiving end, never to give anything.

This was as opposite as day and night when compared to the nature of Superman who put other people’s interest ahead of his own. He gave himself to the good of the world and it should be something these egocentric and narcissistic leftists should try emulate. Only then would there be some sense of equality and emulation of the great attributes depicted by the great hero of old times, and this is the only way to make the world a better place.