Ted Cruz Aligns with the Protesting Canadian Truckers

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Ted Cruz, a Republican senator for Texas who in 2016 ran for presidential nomination but lost to Donald Trump, has castigated the crowd funding platform, GoFundMe, for not delivering as per expectations.
On February 4th, GoFundMe stopped accepting donations on behalf of the Freedom Convoy, and indicated there was evidence from Canadian law enforcement showing that though the protests were initially peaceful, they had now turned into some form of occupation.

Angered by the platform’s move, Senator Cruz has apparently written to the US Federal Trade Commission, requesting an investigation be carried out to establish if the action by GoFundMe is in violation of any trade practices.

The protest by Canadian truckers has gone on for over a week now, and only $1 million of the close to $10 million donated through GoFundMe has so far been released to the protest organizers.

The protesting truckers have decried the COVID-19 mandate put in place by the Canadian government, particularly the one requiring unvaccinated truckers at the US/Canada border to quarantine before proceeding into the country.

Ted Cruz expressed his disgust on Sunday morning when speaking to Fox News, asserting that when donors contributed money they did so in the belief it would reach the Freedom Convoy; but not end up in the coffers of authoritarian leaning Silicon Valley businesses or such left-wing supporters.

The senator was categorical that the platform was lying to consumers, and that what it was doing was wrong. He was also adamant that the protesting truckers were standing up for freedom, not only on behalf of Canadians but also Americans.

Meanwhile, the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, added his dissenting voice on Saturday, when he indicated GoFundMe would be investigated by his state’s attorney general.

Following the extensive backlash, GoFundMe has made it clear it intends to refund all donations in its possession received in the name of the Freedom Convoy.