The Anticipated Medical Hero, or Is He?

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The name Anthony Fauci may not be new to a substantial number of individuals. As a matter of fact, many would refer to him as the reigning lord of the National Institutes of Health, the arm of Government dealing in medical matters in the United States. No. That would be another guy’s position, namely, Francis Collins, who has been in action from way back in the year 2009, serving under three different government administrations, leading the National Institutes of Health and serving together with Fauci who was under him. Anthony’s prominence would make any unobservant person think that he was the boss all along. 

Who is the Venerable Doctor Francis Collins?

In the wake of all that has been happening on matters health globally, Doctor Francis Collins made an edict recently that he was downing his tools of work, or what people in the navy would term as ‘hanging the boots’ after an entire twelve years of dedicated service. The President is now, as a result of the stepping down of Doctor Collins, being awaited to conduct the selection and appointment of a director-in-interim in his own discretion. Everyone knows where this is going. Who better than Fauci himself to step up and fill this big position? All eyes are on Doctor Anthony Fauci to be the appointed director-in-interim in the aim to continue the legacy set by his former boss. Did President Joe Biden have any other choice on these matters? No one seems to think so. All fingers are crossed in anticipation of the President’s next big move. The big question that everyone now seems to be asking themselves is, what next for this crucial arm of government? What lay ahead for the Americans with regards to their health and wellbeing? Would there be any changes at all within the National Institutes of Health? 

Fauci to Continue the Charge?

It is in the knowledge of all and sundry of the role that Doctor Anthony Fauci has been playing with regards to the implementation of policy changes impacting Covid-19. This points all Americans to the rather sad fact of the matter that no changes were forthcoming in terms of health issues policing. Fauci would just carry on with the old ways since he was at the heart of their actualization anyway. This is a sad fact because this Doctor has a not so good track record of withholding experimental treatments that were later on discovered to be actual life-savers. His excuse has always been that those new inventions lacked effectiveness and would maybe have adverse effects on the people with the ailments. This goes all the way back to the year 1980 when the HIV/Aids epidemic had shown its rather ugly face and many lives were being lost all around the world. He withheld crucial treatment plans that at that time, if implemented would have saved thousands of lives. He is seen to be doing the same thing with this new pandemic. There is a rather worrying repetition of this trend and the fear of lives being lost because of it is present.  

A Worrisome Past

Since time immemorial, Doctor Anthony Fauci has had the habit of turning a deaf year to the practicing clinical doctors who tried to present him with solutions to major epidemics and instead, welcomed suggestions from pharmaceutical for-profit organizations and implemented policies in favor of the latter, instead of being in favor of saving countless lives. This was besides the fact that those healthcare providers on the ground level were actually the ones with the more amicable solutions to both the prevalent health crisis at the two different yet very similar times. The actions of Doctor Fauci always had a very common end result; it is the big pharmaceutical organizations that always benefited, taking to the bank large sums of money in profits from the pandemics. 

Make Way For Merck

In a recent case, Merck, a drug manufacturer in the United States, very popular for the production of ivermectin, invented a “new drug” to help combat Covid-19. Their earlier drug, ivermectin, which has been around for quite some time now, and quite cheap for that matter, had been suggested by a number of physicians as effective in fighting Covid-19 in its early stages. However, both the company as well as Doctor Fauci refuted these claims saying that ivermectin was in no way recommended for treating Covid-19. Apparently, the two really wanted the market to receive and embrace the new drug from Merck Company, which was quite pricey. So much money was at stake here and the sale of that new drug had to be propelled. At least Fauci and Merck had to sit to it that it was.  

What remains obvious and the undisputed truth is that money came first for these two parties, Doctor Anthony Fauci and Merck. The ones who actually cared for the people and their health wellbeing were the medical practitioners and the physicians at the operational level, but their opinions were meant to be kept to themselves ostensibly. That being said, there was dismal hope for the people whose health was in jeopardy, and the light at the end of the tunnel could be a train headed to squelch them, figuratively speaking.