The Fight Over Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

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Everyone knows that whatever policies the right is for, the left is against.  That’s the way it works.  Even Former President Trump expressed the same view over the border wall.  To paraphrase he said, ’I should have been against it, then they would have been for it and given me the money.’ The debate on transgender women being allowed to compete in women’s sports is a heated one because those who oppose it are either misogynistic or transphobic. Every time the subject comes up the far left throws a fit, and the parents of young girls and women competing in female team sports fight back even harder. 

According to the ACLU, at least 10 states allow transgender girls to participate in high school sports after hormone treatment, 12 states do not allow it, 19 states allow it even without any treatment, and 4 states just passed new executive orders this year prohibiting participation. 

This is not a debate about inclusion, equality or equity.  It’s about fairness.

What’s the Issue? 

The argument presented here is the belief that a biological male is still a male with physiological differences to those of females even after surgery or hormonal treatment. There are just some things in nature that you can’t undo. Young men who go through puberty have larger hearts, more lung capacity, and more muscle mass than a female; and that is considered competitive advantage. 

“You can’t change a person’s biological sex,” said Christiana Holcomb, an Alliance lawyer working on the Connecticut case. “Nothing can undo the physiological advantages that come from being born biologically male.”

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So, why do we have a weight class in boxing and wrestling? Why are there different T-boxes on golf courses for men and women? It’s so that the match will be fair

Caitlyn Jenner recently changed her views on transwomen competing in women’s sports saying that it “isn’t fair”. She has come under fire for not supporting trans kids, and transgender advocates feel her stance is a swing to the right to get votes in her campaign for the California Governor’s race. 

According to the ACLU, as of Tuesday, 25 states have introduced legislation addressing this issue.


Where Do We Go From Here? 

So the debate goes on. If we don’t allow it, we are ostracizing a class of people with preferences. If we do allow this to happen, will the next winner of the women’s 100 meter dash have a penis? And what about the cisgender female runner up that lost her chances for a scholarship?  I guess we won’t know until it happens.  It won’t be long. A Transgender female won the Ms. Nevada Beauty Pageant this past month. Ms. USA might have a stem this year, and it won’t be on a rose.