The Hunter Biden Laptop

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The continuing saga of Hunter Biden, whilst very under-the-radar, is one of Credible Obviousness, yet remains
shrouded by quite a mystique.

The plot thickens…yet remains even more transparent than the pixelating on the Internet Images of him and his niece

Dating back to his dealings in Ukraine, and then China, the stench permeates the discriminating nose
in the same manner a dead animal in your attic might.

God hopes you NEVER have the latter, however, we are all (indeed) suffering the former.

His long and storied history is a National Disgrace, in one publication’s opinion.

Actually, it’s the opinion of Many others, however, our fellow Citizens & Patriots may not All Know
ALL of the gory details. Consider this a formal invitation to do your own web-searching.
It’s not difficult, it’s quite easy, being as prolific as it is.

And ‘gory’, is an understatement of an Adjective, if there even was one…


Documented dealings (of impropriety) with Ukrainian Officials, in exchange for an incredibly large
salary, (PLUS) in exchange for zero experience, zero credibility, and a criminal history, to boot.
Ahhh…but the Influence that was “up-for-sale”. Aye, there’s the rub, isn’t it?

Documented relations of questionable nature and legality with a relative, in exchange for favors
smacking of drug-fueled trysts, and maybe even more: illegal underage activities, with an adult man.

Documented Ukrainian shenanigans to manifest all of the above.

The list goes on. And on. And on, and, oh, we haven’t even mentioned China, yet.

One can’t comprehend the media’s blood-curdling cry if the tables were somehow reversed…e.g. a Trump relative.

But here, the Media, shouting “Don’t look there, look here!”. “Look instead at Trump’s blatant honesty, his unvarnished
truths–how audacious they are (and so what if they are truths?)–yes, look at Trump’s supposed imperfections” — just do Not look at Hunter.

Even a documented “Dirty Laptop” doesn’t seem to stick to “Slick Hunter”.

Sentry hill, sentryhill,sentryhill. Com,

(Why might that be?)

Does anyone need to know “The Why” of that Media spin? We would like to think not, and rather
just accede to the corrupt (nay, almost deceased) 4th Estate, which was once a precept of the Founding Father’s Plan.

(to clarify: we’re speaking Solely of the “Mainstream”, “Accepted” media empire, which, in our opinion, should be resting squarely
between Benedict Arnold, and Judas Iscariot)

We have now fallen FAR from that branch of the plan (The Fourth Estate)–and are quickly distancing ourselves from the other 3 branches.
Or, rather, They, from all of US.

It doesn’t matter WHO is to blame. We ALL Are.

There are NO Free Passes given at the Last Precipice of “Libertad” (As the Cubans shout).
That Last Precipice of Freedom is that which comprises the USA–granted it was the First Bastion, and yet
it is so Cavalierly treated by so many, that we often shake our collective heads in disbelief, and even a bit of scorn.
Freedom starts within the Soul, and is first evidenced by Thoughts, followed by Words.
(Lack of evidence: Cuba & Joe’s pablum of a response).

One does NOT know about YOU, but some here feel that the time to take note, spread the word,
and show some backbone is rapidly slipping-away into our collective rear-view.

Don’t you think the folks in Cuba have been saying “If Only our Grandparents had done this…”
(Oh, but they did. Once the Power-Misers have gained a foothold, they eliminate those likely to
protest their Topsy-turvy power-grab, which was under false-pretenses, and utilized the “Useful Idiots”
of the Underclasses. After that, those Power-Misers only cement their power, rendering your grand-children to lament the
non-actions of their grandparents. If they ONLY knew…

Oh, and please don’t blame us for the phraseology, it’s all directly out-of Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx’s works.

Hunter’s history should only open the door for a thorough examination of the Family dealings,
and be going much deeper than the innumerable investigations into Trump’s. But that would be in a “Perfect World”.

In THIS World, we have the corrupt Media, the corrupt Congress, and All of their well-paying Masters
to contend with.

God help us All.

This task (of dealing with THEM) may, in fact rival what our Founders faced 250 years ago.
It certainly rivals what the current Cubans’ Grandparents and Great-Grandparents faced.
Let’s NOT make the same mistakes of in-action that are damn-near-impossible to correct 60+ years
down the road!!!

The question for Each and Every reader is:

Do we shrink-away, or do we Rise, in the face of this Task?

God knows what is at-stake.

We hope this message reaches some/someone who can advocate for Tony Bobulinski
(check out his Credentials-, and someone who has the spine and juice to force this
matter to be scrutinized.

Whoever you are, we NEED you.

From ‘mere’ Clarion to Senior Senator, we need you.

And we NEED you to act with complete Resolve, and we need it done sooner, rather than later.

But, by God, know that there are many out here who Stand With You, and many who will take-up,
whatever needs taken-up to grant deliverance to this Shining Beacon of Freedom in these dire times.