The Real Culprit Behind the Wave Of Theft

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There has recently been a streak of massive looting and retail theft across luxury shops in the major cities in the United States, such as Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. A layman would be easily fooled that this nefarious behavior experienced in sync across this cities is just a mere coincidence and that these acts are not connected in any way. Such way of thinking needs a caveat. A keen look at this cities shows that these cities have one thing in common; they all have mayors who are radical democrats, not leaving out radical prosecutors. The first case scenario is what democrats would want you to think, but it goes without saying that the radical principles encourage such uncalled for behaviors. 

Chesa Boudin, the District Attorney from San Francisco came out strongly to condemn these criminal acts, terming them as felony charges, the fact that he is somewhat a radical District Attorney notwithstanding. On normal circumstances one would think that he was supposed to go easy on these perpetrators but on the contrary, he did the exact opposite. Nine out of a dozen lawbreakers were charged for breaking into luxury stores and taking with them merchandise worth hundreds of thousand dollars. The San Francisco District Attorney said that those acts could not be categorized as petty crimes and thefts. This was said in a press conference held on Tuesday where Boudin addressed the press. Data from San Francisco Police reveal that these perpetrators fell between the ages of twenty three to fifty three. Boudin said the city’s administration would not condone such unruly behavior, but he could not fool anyone. 

Bad Policies Led to Current Wave Of Theft and Unruly Behavior

Many a people would argue that this type of behavior that the San Francisco District Attorney was condemning in public is something that was nurtured from the moment it showed its ugly face, but was viewed as harmless. It goes on record that in the event that when kids were caught shop lifting, as long as the value of whatever merchandise they stole did not exceed nine hundred and fifty dollars, they would not be prosecuted. This is giving a green light to such nefarious acts and such children grow up thinking that it is just okay to loot a store whenever that impulse hits their minds. Chesa Boudin might not take responsibility for such acts but it is such small events of toleration that lead to such repercussions at the end of the day. 

The sky-rocketing cases of smash-and-grab thefts across these cities forced police to retaliate and set up their own defense mechanisms in the effort to combat such happenings, especially considering that it was Black Friday. The number of police manning stores was increased, but this was not helping with reducing the tension on shoppers visiting those stores. Their heavy presence and plywood at the entrances of the stores just killed the holiday mood, courtesy of some of the shoppers, who did not feel right at home while shopping at those stores. In retrospect, nobody would. A tourist was on record saying how disappointed he was. His expectations were shuttered to find something else apart from decorations at the Union Square when he visited the place on Friday. Business people said that this precautionary measures were absolutely necessary to limit the number of people visiting their stores and to curb any occurrence of looting incidences. 

Theft Continues to Run Rampant in Radically Run Cities

That the looting incidences were only experienced in San Francisco would be beside the facts. Minneapolis also had records of these incidences, not to the surprise of anyone, as Minneapolis’ Mayor, Jacob Frey is radical and this is the least those radical lawbreakers in Minneapolis could do.  Minnesota Mall was rampaged buy a mob of approximately thirty people who went into the Best Buy electronics shop. According to the police, these people were unarmed and the police could not place value on the merchandise stolen. These acts were ostensibly getting out of hand and something had to be done to curb these occurrences. Most business people who found themselves victims of these criminal acts bore massive losses in property and this would eventually render their businesses flat beds. Someone had to remedy this situation and find the root cause. 

It was crystal clear that until these radicals were jerked out, these criminal acts were there to stay. People having these radical mindsets justify such kind of acts saying that the perpetrators were pushed to do those nefarious acts. The “racism ticket” is what most of these radicals use, arguing that their actions are just like the recoiling of a gun when fired. Even if this was the case, it was not enough justification for them to unleash their wrath on innocent businesses by looting from them and causing damages and losses. There were other channels for them to direct their grievances but because of their selfishness and malicious intentions, they opt to loot and steal from hardworking Americans. 

San Francisco District Attorney is however a shrewd one with regards to matters politics and can in no way agree with the retaliation principle used by the radicals, publicly. However, no one can be fooled that he does not agree with it.