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Hey, have you heard the latest news on the Southern Border crisis? Neither have I.  That’s because there hasn’t been any.  No doubt Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan dominated the news cycle for last 2 weeks, even on CNN, so it must be a hot topic. Now granted, this was an important international event; not only for the United States, but globally as well.  It deserves the media’s attention (and ours).  But dang, can’t the MSM walk and chew gum at the same time?  I had to watch a not-so-popular new broadcast media outlet to get information on not so news worthy stories like the border, wildfires, and recent hurricane damage.  

Why Stop Informing Us on the Border?   

Because the lack of coverage on the status of our Southern Border is just another “Look over there!” ploy in hopes we won’t notice what an inept President we have.  As reported by CNN, “July marks the highest monthly number of migrants detained at the US-Mexican border in two decades.”  In fact, between January, 2021 and July, 2021 (since Biden’s been in office), CBP reported 134,255 migrants that crossed, and that’s only the ones we know of and does not include “gotaways”.  Add on top of that, at least 70,000 refugees rescued from Afghanistan.  

What’s Really Going on Here? 

In late August, the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy was not unconstitutional and must remain in effect, but Biden turned his back on the highest court in our Land and did nothing to relieve CBP or curb the flow.  He was too busy bringing in unvetted people from a foreign nation. 

Last week, Governor Ron DeSantis wrote: 

“I ask that DHS immediately cease any further resettlement of illegal aliens in Florida and that the aliens instead be removed from the United States or resettled in states that support the administration’s continued flouting of our immigration laws,” DeSantis wrote. 

“The Constitution charges the president with the duty to faithfully execute the laws, and with respect to immigration enforcement, the federal government, with the Supreme Court’s blessing, has assumed near exclusive responsibility,” DeSantis wrote. “Unfortunately, President Biden and this administration refuse to fulfill their responsibility to enforce immigration laws enacted by Congress.” 

The left want the right to abort babies in this county, but they will let all kinds of riffraff, terrorists, drug cartel, and who knows what else come in through our borders illegally and continue to disperse them across our county.  What’s really what’s going on here?  The remaking of America?  How about my country, my choice? 

What’s Next? 

I realize in the big scheme of things these numbers of migrating refugees from other countries is relatively small compared to our country of 330M, but it only takes the seeds of one pinecone to start a forest.