The United States Border Crisis Presents Various Issues

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The Biden administration has tried as much as possible to avoid using the word “crisis” when describing the immigrant surges and other problems on the southern border. However, there are outright indications that the border crisis could be a greater problem than any American has ever thought after a video from the US Customs Border and Protection presented footage of two children being dropped over the 14-feet high fence in a remote area to the west of El Paso, Texas.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki termed the smugglers who dropped the two underage girls as “morally reprehensible.” In a statement, Psaki noted, “any of us who saw the video, were incredibly alarmed by the steps of smugglers ones that we have been quite familiar with that we’ve spoken out about our concerns.”

While it is a great step to call these smugglers or coyotes reprehensible, it is important to note that current policies and actions incentivize further illegal immigration. The onslaught and immigration surge comes at a time when the United States is issuing around $120 billion in debt and engaging in other types of financial actions to stay afloat.

The Biden Administration Must Take Swift Actions to Resolve the Border Crisis Problem and Put America First

Indeed, President Joe Biden is not the first commander in chief to experience a growing number of challenges at the US-Mexico border. But again, current actions can increase the flow of illegal immigration or place precedents to slow it down.

Border-point issues have become the talk of the day regardless of the political party in power.

However, Biden’s regime has been able to witness higher illegal immigration through a season of highs on border issues. 2021 is on track to have exceeded 2019 on the total number of people apprehended at the border point. 0ver 100,000 people were encountered at the US-Mexico border in Texas in February, 24,000 higher than the statistics recorded in February 2019. That kind of year-on-year growth is certainly not sustainable as it is a negative trend.

The situation is certainly worsening. The country is facing a crisis. For instance, preliminary data shows that the number of unaccompanied children crossing the border at this point is far much higher compared to the situation in May 2019, which went to record as the month with the highest arrest of migrant minors.

The Outlook on the Border Crisis

The situation at the US-Mexico border in Texas will worsen moving forward. Republicans such as Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas have blamed the permissive an open border policy spearheaded by the Biden administration to the border’s crises. 

Tom Cotton Pointed out President Biden’s announcement that “the United States will not secure our border, serves as a big welcome sign to migrants from across the world.” That stance serves as the major source of the problems we have been dealing with at the border. 

Double Tragedy In The Border Crisis

The border crisis is strongly related to the worsening social and economic situations in the greater Latin American region. The Latin American region has indeed had a lot of problems to deal with. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on this region, where cases and deaths have been steadily increasing. 

The region also fell victim to two devastating hurricanes that led to an economic decline throughout 2020. A report by the Congressional Research Service indicated that the Latin American area was going to face a worsening income inequality issue and immense poverty rates.

The border problem is a crisis both to the United States and the international community. Swift measures and more coordination could be everything that the United States needs to stem the flow of illegal immigration into an already lethargic economic nation that is the United States.