This Famous Actor Doesn’t Want the Unvaccinated to See His New Movies

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As the conditions are getting comparatively better,more citizens can now watch movies in theaters. However, actor Sean Penn has a different opinion. On a recent show, Sean Penn said that his movie Day Flag would be released in theaters, but the unvaccinated people have to wait for the day when the movie streams online rather than risking their lives without getting the vaccine. 

Penn, everyone needs to earn money. Everyone involved in show business must earn money. If people do not go to the movies, it affects earning potential of companies like AMC, Cinemark, and other theaters that rely on people to show up physically and watch the movies. What actors and many people who rely on fear, forget, is that it is essential to focus on the bigger picture. Logically, it makes no sense to discourage people from seeing your movie, you make less money upfront and maybe later, too.

Further, what about the people affected by the lack of business? What about those employees at these various business that rely on people stepping out of their houses and going to the mall to watch movies? These same people are likely to stop by a local restaurant like Sweetgreen and other nearby businesses and spend there as well.

But if you are Sean Penn, it is easy to take a simple stance and go on about your day, you are paid and are not as affected in your daily life by the pandemic or fear of the pandemic.

The Actor Sean Penn Is In Favor Of More People Getting Vaccinated

The famous actor is undoubtedly in favor of getting vaccinated. Sean believes that unvaccinated people are like those that are pointing a gun in someone else’s face. Penn thinks that vaccinations should definitely be mandatory.

He thinks that getting vaccinated is much better as it will save you from further severe consequences of the deadly disease. In addition to this, he also said that people should not risk their lives and go to the theaters without getting vaccinated. 

Penn was also working on a Watergate drama called Gaslit. The shooting was on pause due to the Covid pandemic; Sean wants to return to shooting when he is sure that 100 percent of the set are vaccinated. This will ensure the safety and health of every individual. 

When inquired about Hollywood’s return Penn abruptly blamed the weak union and authorities in some parts.

In Summary

Penn repeatedly emphasized that the unvaccinated people shouldn’t visit the theater. He confirmed that the movie Day Flag would indeed stream, and it is the most convenient and safe way for unvaccinated people to watch.