Top Official Thanks Fauci For Dismissing Lab Leak Theory Early On

Lab leak

The escape of the coronavirus is still under investigation. However, a significant key figure at research in Wuhan laboratory was grateful enough to Dr. Anthony Fauci for downplaying that the coronavirus emerged from a laboratory. The President of Ecohealth Alliance, a well-known research group to perform coronavirus research in Wuhan, named Peter Daszak, thanked Fauci in April last year personally after Fauci dismissed the idea that pandemic started after the origination of the coronavirus in a lab. 

On 18th April 2020, Fauci was asked personally about the coronavirus lab leak hypothesis during a briefing conference. He replied that the scientific evidence was consistent with jumping from species of animals to humans. But that was not entirely accurate. Well, it was far from accurate. The exchange between Fauci and Daszak was not the only conversation but was a part of more than 3200 pages of Fauci emails.

Now, the DailyMail notes that “the Pentagon gave $39 MILLION to Dr. Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, the charity that funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab accused of being the source of the outbreak, according to federal data.

Fauci Now Changes His Tale on the Lab Leak

Fauci still is presenting vague ideas about the coronavirus origins; he publicly changed his tone and agreed that the virus might have escaped from the lab.

Recall that a Fox reporter asked the President then, Donald Trump, about a lab intern responsible for the coronavirus spread after going home. Although Trump ignored the question at the time, this aspect was one to note. For his part, President Donald Trump did note that several times that the virus did originate from China and pointed to issues relating to the lack of transparency within China.

Daszak’s role in pushing the public opinion away from the possible chances of the coronavirus lab leak has been a climax in the pandemic movie. Moreover, it has been responsible for a shift in media coverage of hypothesis.

President Joe Biden has noted that he has relayed orders to the intelligence community to search for the origins of the coronavirus and get back to him in the form of a report in 90 days at maximum. However, despite the statement from Joe Biden, the Ecohealth Alliance told the Washington Examiner that it received no such words or orders from the President. Previously, Daszak was reluctant to accept any such requests for information about the activities and incidents at Wuhan lab from Fauci’s agency.

Although Daszak is himself, one of the individuals that are involved in the origin of COVID-19, he was still appointed as a WHO’s investigation team member to investigate coronavirus origin.