Toyota starts plans to launch its automotive operating software

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Toyota has been around for quite some time now. The firm is known for its compelling and reliable fuel-efficient vehicles. It certainly has technology within its vehicles but it is not known for trailblazing forward when it comes to significant disruption.

But the automaker is looking forward to adapting to the future. It knows that electric vehicles and autonomous driving will be a critical part of the future. It is positioning itself to be part of this future in a meaningful way.

Automotive operating software is essential in ensuring that vehicles operate as prescribed among autonomous car manufacturers.

In essence, automotive firms spend millions of dollars in their research and development pursuits as they seek to develop effective software for the systems they produce.

Tesla Leads the Way But Toyota Wants to Catch Up

Arguably, Tesla tops the list when it comes to automotive software investments and development operations. Nonetheless, the carmaker has been a victim of negative publicity following recent issues like the accidents involving the company’s self-driving vehicles.

Toyota has taken a serious move to ‘rectify’ Tesla’s mistakes by investing in automotive operating software. Toyota’s move is strongly attributed to the increasing demand and sales of the global autonomous vehicles market.

Remember, automotive operating software incorporates the use of artificial intelligence systems for self-driving, and processing the pieces of data sent and received by the vehicle. Similarly, the software is crucial in managing electric batteries, motors, providing entertainment, and automobile navigation.

A report released by Nikkei revealed that the Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp, has set plans to roll out its operating system by 2025. The automaker expects that the automobile operating software will be capable of handling a range of advanced operations like autonomous driving among the fleet it will offer in 2025.

Arene Will Compete with Other OS

Toyota’s automotive software dubbed Arene is expected to compete with other big names like the German Volkswagen’s Volkswagen AG that is already working on its VW.OS software. Similarly, Mercedes Benz’s Daimler AG (a rival of Arene) is planning to launch its own ‘Mercedes Benze Operating system’ that will be installed in its cars from 2024. General Motors has invested over $35 billion in the pursuit of developing an operating system that its users will easily update through the internet by 2025.

Toyota is confident that the plan will work as it promises to make the automotive operating system available among its affiliate organizations like Subaru once it is launched.

In addition, there are reports that Toyota will consider acquiring a license that will make Arene available to other car manufacturers and organizations working in the self-driving and electric car value chain. According to Nikkei, the proposed operating software will control essential automobile components like the accelerator, steering wheel, and brake system.