Trump Had Some Controversial Thoughts on Colin Powell

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President Trump is known to deal with situations in an unique way. He did note, after all, that he was a stable genius. It is not a surprise that he had a few words to say on the late Colin Powell. Colin Powell, passed away due to issues stemming from multiple-myeloma, overlaid with respiratory issues. Reports indicate that these were COVID-19 complications but these reports fail to focus on the fact that the former US Secretary of State, had a form of blood cancer as a persistent and underlying issue.

Experts quickly jumped to the fact that the COVID-19 vaccine may have extended his life despite ultimately passing away due to COVID-19 symptoms.

Powell was 84 when he passed away.

President Trump was surprised by all of the various comments present on social media and the general media and had a few words to say on the matter.

Trump Hopes to Obtain Similar Respect from the Media and Others

Trump noted Powell and his key involvement in the Iraq War. Now, while it is not necessarily the best idea to talk ill of the dead, it is important to note that the Iraq War was a waste of money. The Iraq War did help to destabilize the region and has left a void in the area. There was no real evidence of substances that could have harmed the United States. Hussein had no involvement in terrorist activities that affected the United States.

Similar to the war in Afghanistan, the United States spent billions to have a negative return on investment with thousands of American lives lost and minimal results to show for a prolonged war in the area.

Trump noted that the media made no notes of the blunders of the late Powell and instead talked about all of his accomplishments. The media would treat Powell “so beautifully” after his passing. President Trump would express his hope that he would be treated like that someday after his passing.

“He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace!” President Trump stated. Conversely, Mike Pence, noted that Powell was “a true¬†American Patriot who served our Nation with distinction in uniform.”

Powell Did Back Biden Over President Trump

Powell, who was a Republican, favored Biden in the election and noted that President Trump had some drawbacks. The issue with that approach is that the Biden Admin seems to be making blunders on everything ranging from inflation to Afghanistan. From a domestic policy standpoint to an international diplomacy standpoint, it looks like the Biden cabinet has no idea on the best moves to make.

Powell noted that he wants someone in power who would focus on the truth. But if that is the case, then the Biden Admin was the wrong choice. From current issues that affect Americans like the border policy to the cost of goods going up, it seems as if the Biden team continues to perpetuate falsehoods. Instead of denouncing aspects of nonsense that seem to arise in areas like critical race theory or the rise in Marxist ideologies, it seems to fan it along.

Even with Powell’s passing, the media plays up the part that he was the first black secretary of state and doubles down on the COVID-19 complications instead of focusing on his accomplishments and issues an American citizen.