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Despite his ban on drilling on Federal land and water here in the U.S., and after he squashed the Keystone Pipeline project, President Joe Biden calls on OPEC and its foreign allies to increase oil production to help combat the rising gas prices in the U.S that threatens our economy. Last year during the pandemic, OPEC decreased their oil production output due to lack of demand.  Now Joe Biden has requested they step up their game in order to ease the pain on American Consumers that he started in the first place.  Say what? 

Now one would think our President would think logically and turn to our own oil producers here at home, and it seems OPEC agrees with that simple solution. A source for OPEC tells Reuters they will re-evaluate production increases in September.  So, they gave Joe a big NO on his request. 

Seems like OPEC isn’t the only one in a snit.  Energy Minister of Alberta, Canada, Sonya Savage, stated that President Biden’s request to OPEC after cancelling the Keystone Pipeline was a “smack of hypocrisy”.  In a statement on Wednesday, she said, “Keystone XL would have provided Americans with a stable source of energy from a trusted ally and friend.  Had the pipeline not been politicized…the Keystone XL could have remained operational for years and reliably delivering nearly 1 million barrels of oil every day to American Refineries.” 

Speaking of trusted friends and allies, what about Texas?  Governor Greg Abbott’s response to Biden’s request to OPEC:  “Texas can do this,” Abbott wrote. “Our producers can easily produce that oil if your Administration will just stay out of the way. Don’t make us dependent on foreign sources of energy.” In the meantime, major U.S. Oil groups sued the Biden Administration on Monday for halting drilling auctions on federal land and water. What will Joe’s next move be?  My guess is nothing.  He’s a master procrastinator. 

As the America Last disasters keep piling up, President Biden returned to Camp David yesterday to finish his vacation.  I wonder how much fuel Marine One uses. 

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