Venezuelans Flee Failed Socialist State and Flock to the United States

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Venezuelans are proving to the world that they seek opportunity by fleeing their failed socialist state. What is quite unfortunate is that Venezuela was once a powerful and prosperous nation but it would trend downward after it leaned left and adopted socialist policies. The state took over, nationalized its resources, and mismanaged it. Now, the Venezuela is in extreme distress.

The people of Venezuela seek a much better life, the one that they are living in now is far from tolerable. They are far from pleased with the years of hardship, the pillaging of their resources, and the extreme levels of corruption at the top levels of their socialist nation that have caused the rise of crime, food issues, and poor infrastructure.

The case study that is Venezuela is an important one, it shows what could happen in the United States if certain groups get their way and impose extreme taxes, widely liberal policies, and dilute the principles that the United States stands for ever since its founding. The principles are reflected in the constitution, it is a nation that notes that it is “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” The Marxist Left has somehow gained more traction in the United States. It does not make any sense as individuals see what is happening in Cuba, in Venezuela and in other places that have leaned on Marxist principles. It has never worked out.

For instance, a recent report from the Caribbean Investigative Journalism Network notes that “though conservative estimates say a family of 5 needs USD $225 a month for food, salaries regulated by the State only provide anywhere from USD $3 to USD $10 a month.  Food packages and allowances do not begin to cover even a fraction of that.  Doctors are selling Amway products.  Students are shunning University degrees that will only earn a graduate USD $3 a month.

Due to the lack of overall proper management of resources in Venezuela over time, Venezuelans have not been able to have access to the right infrastructure, food, medicines, and other elements that add to a wonderful quality of life. They have been moving to places like Colombia but have changed that approach.

Why have they stopped moving from Venezuela to other countries in the region? They have found that due to the pandemic, they are seeing more economic uncertainty and general instability in the region. As SentryHill noted recently, Colombians have been protesting and other countries in the region seem to also favor left leaning policies.

Now, according to Reuters “record numbers of Venezuelans have been attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexican border in recent months, some facilitated by rapidly-adapting smuggling networks.” Reports indicate that over 16,000 Venezuelans have crossed the border, over the course of seven months, that’s a significant increase, one of the largest spikes ever.

The situation is hopeless over there and they are looking at various ways to get to the United States and seek asylum. But the United States has its many own problems.

Stay Vigilant Or The United States May End Up Like Venezuela Due to Woke Politics and Woke Fiscal Policy

Still, organizations such as BLM and Marxist leaning leaders with idiotic logic from the likes of Alexandra “we’re all going to die in twelve years due to climate change” Cortez, to the people that she endorses in New York and elsewhere, are gaining steam.

Representatives such as Cortez promote fear, encourage subtle depopulation or slowing the growth of population, more government control, harp on the eventual destruction that may come from climate change but fail to mention that the Earth has undergone five mass extinction events in the past, note “our planet is going to hit disaster if we don’t turn this ship around and so it’s basically like, there’s a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult,” Ocasio-Cortez said while chopping up food in her kitchen during an Instagram live video. “And it does lead, I think, young people to have a legitimate question, you know, ‘Is it okay to still have children?'”

The United States having real economic and social issues was not a significant problem in the past as more individuals were able to come to the United States and enjoy prosperity. Indeed, debt levels were not as high and various financial innovations were taking place while technology was on the rise as well.

Now, what we are seeing more of in the United States is more government intervention in the public markets, more people relying on the United States government to survive, and seemingly more people leaning toward vocal woke politics and financial policies. It has not worked out well in the past and will not work out so well in the present or the future.