Watch: Biden and Harris Were Against Vaccines Last Year

Sentry hill, sentryhill,sentryhill. Com,

What is interesting that is democrats politicized the vaccines last year. They couldn’t stand the fact that President Trump and Operation Warp Speed followed protocols and ramped up efforts to implement and distribute the vaccine. What’s sad is that you don’t need to politicize the vaccine. You can’t, like Kamala Harris, say if President Donald Trump tells me to take it, I won’t take it.

What does it matter if President Donald Trump is telling you take the vaccine, something that he was not necessarily adamant about. He did note that they started the program and that it was taking place but I don’t recall President Donald Trump ever talking about the fact that you must get it and make sure that everyone else gets it.

Indeed, offering the vaccines is one thing, letting people make their own decision about it, is another. Here’s Rep Scalise showing a video of Biden and Harris sowing confusion around the vaccine. A poor move on their parts, they both seem to be playing checkers in larger game of chess.