Watch Jon Stewart Shock Mainstream Media

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Jon Stewart came out of hibernation and appeared on the Colbert show. No one expected that he would push back against the mainstream media and actually think critically for a change. While some in the media have stated that saying that the virus came from China is racist, an utterly flawed idea, others who think critically note that it is a fact.

Everyone knows that, like other viruses, this one also originated from China. The only question now is if it was intentional, planned, and deployed as a biological weapon. If it is the latter, then that means China lied and many people died. Further, if that is the case, then that means that it would have to face severe penalties.

The unfortunate part is that as each day goes by, there is more evidence pointing to the fact that it did likely come from a lab in Wuhan and that experiments were taking place around gain of function research and other matters. Indeed, the only issue that is lingering in the air is if it was intentional, then what should be done about it?

Jon Stewart appeared on the Colbert’s show and had a few thoughts on the matter. Here is what you need to know and see.

Jon Stewart Destroys Colbert and The China Is Innocent Narrative

Stewart appeared on the show and started off in a passive way. He waxed lyrical on the value of science. He notes “I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to scientists. Science has in many ways, eased the suffering of this pandemic.” He lulled many into sleep with that sugary tone. But that’s when he went for the haymaker punch. He followed that by saying, “it (the pandemic) was more than likely caused by science.”

That shocked Stephen Colbert but caught applause from the audience.

Jon Stewart continued saying that the pandemic started in Wuhan, a place that hosts the Wuhan Virology Institute, the novel Wuhan coronavirus is quite literally in the name. As such, he fails to see how it is such a great mystery as to where and how the virus came about. He avidly notes that it was not from bats, or turkeys, or pangolins, or animals.

Stewart hilariously notes that “oh, there is an outbreak of chocolate, it is overflowing, where could it be coming from? Oh, I don’t know, maybe its from the chocolate factory!” In which he shares an analogy between the chocolate factory, and the most likely suspect, the Wuhan Virology Institute. For some strange reason, individuals at the Wuhan Virology Institute, specifically lab workers, were infected with the disease? What are the chances that you work within a virology institute, working on gain of function research, coronavirus, and other viruses and get the disease yourself?

He got another round of applause from the audience. It looks like rational people still exist within the world today. Anyone remember Occams’ razor? The simplest explanation is usually the best one.

Watch the video here!