WATCH: Kodak Black Throws Over $100K Over Board Instead of Giving Back

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You may have heard of Kodak Black. It is more likely that you have not heard about Kodak Black, I only heard about the rapper fairly recently as I’ve stopped listening to much of the new school rappers and hip hop artists. There is a significant difference between those back in the day and the one’s who are in the industry today. What exactly is the difference? It looks like there’s much more gimmicks instead of actual substance.

But it looks like gimmicks pay and that is why more people turn to it. Anyway, one of the more recent gimmicks is Kodak Black throwing what appears to be $100K worth of cash into a large body of water while on a boat.

Kodak Black and the Use of Money

What is interesting here is the debate. Kodak Black is from one of the poorest areas in Florida, he could easily re-invest it into his community and likely create significant change in his local area. That action would not be altruistic it could also generate a significant portion of buzz. But it looks like re-investing into the community is not on brand for the rapper. Instead, throwing it into the ocean seems like it would generate the most impressions.

Now, throwing away a $100,000 seems like a very poor use of resources. But the other side of the argument is that’s his money and he should with it as he pleases. Sure, that is a compelling argument. These individuals on this side of the argument would say, why can’t you go and donate to the community. Isn’t the simple answer here that most people do not have the means to think about burning through $100,000 on a whim? How many people know other people that can throw a $100,000 away and not think twice about doing so? The answer is that it is unlikely for many people to personally know someone who is comfortable throwing $100,000 away in the same way another person of lesser means would throw away $10 on a frivolous purchase.

But if it really was a genuine $100,000 in USD that means that those from his local community who could have gained benefits from it via a food bank, scholarships, or other net positives are not able to benefit.

It is even more interesting that one would conduct such an activity when a growing portion of the population is depending on the government for their various needs.