Watch This Video On Vaccines Before Its Taken Down

Sentry hill, sentryhill,sentryhill. Com,

If you are not taking the vaccine for a wide variety of reasons, you are seen as someone who is not so intelligent. But that does not make sense. You are looking at the data and seeing that while many people may have gotten COVID-19, many people have recovered and have rebounded back to normal.

Sure, there are the reports of long COVID-19 but we also have issues with the regular flu, particularly if you have chronic conditions. Over 80,000 people died from the Flu in 2017, it is not something you want to get. It affects you for a couple of days or even for weeks. But typically, you recover and move on.

Did you know that reports indicate that people who get the unadulterated flu can suffer long term complications that range from lower endurance and strength to increased risk of heart attacks and strokes? But why is there no significant alarm about the flu every season and the need to take flu shots? At least, the same level of intensity as it is now? Employers (outside of the healthcare sector) don’t mandate the flu shot, no one is giving you donuts to take the flu shot, or entering you into lotteries to take it. No. You either take it or you don’t.

Now, are we comparing the flu to COVID-19, a variant that is in the flu family? Kind of, but not really.

The point here is that hysteria has taken over across the board. It is present in vaccines and vaccine messaging. The idea of hysteria has taken over in the stock markets, in housing prices, and in general asset classes. It has gone from somewhat long term thinking to moving from one short term feeling to the next.

But even in these times, you have people who are looking into developments going on around the world like the vaccine and calmly, peacefully, going through the data and wondering why everything is not adding up. Dr. Michael Yeadon is one of these individuals. Dr. Yeadon is going against the grain on vaccines. But Dr. Yeadon is a surprising individual, he has worked with Pfizer and has sold a biotech company in the past. But if you go against the current story, you get cancelled.

It has happened on Youtube, where they take your video down or suspend you if you mention COVID-19 in a different light. It has happened on Twitter and quite likely on Facebook as well. Watch the video to hear and articulate review of the current COVID-19 situation, vaccines, and why the current huge drive for vaccines do not make as much sense.

Hopefully the video helps you to clarify your thinking on vaccines.