West Virginia’s Generous Offer To Invite More Remote Workers

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The city of West Virginia is experimenting with a wonderful new idea that would help to draw people to its state. The state understands that more companies are taking remote work approaches to minimize costs and increase agility. Simultaneously, this helps individuals move around and go to different states as they are location-independent. The State of West Virginia is rolling out a program that enables individuals who fall under the remote work category to take advantage of the offer.

They are experimenting with the idea of a new Silicon Valley, but one for the workers and not the companies. Silicon Valley (and other cities) are the centers of technological growth, and advancement in various forms is something they want to replicate.

Still, leaders in West Virginia want to do it by encouraging more remote workers to move to the state, get comfortable, and create an excellent environment for people to meet and create together. That is why they are planning all these aspects to revolve around the workers of these companies.

Lowering your cost of living and being in a well-developed area is a great idea in a time of great uncertainty. Learn more about Morgantown, West Virginia, the first featured town that you’ll move to as a part of this program.

The West Virginia Initiative

The Ascend West Virginia Initiative may be one that you want to take advantage of as a remote worker. You obtain monthly payments for a year and other perks like outdoor recreational discounts among other valuable benefits.

The beneficiaries of the initiative would receive $12,000 with no strings attached to move into its state. They would also have access to a year’s worth of parks and gardens and several of the state’s public lands in addition to the $12,000. The public access alone is valued at $2500. If you look at all of the benefits, you will note that the total value adds to around $20,000 or more.

Bonus: You can get access to coworking spaces for a limited time for free! Coworking spaces can add value for remote workers in more ways than one. For instance, you can find ways to network, make new friends, and find more opportunities by connecting to others at these places. Find out how you can take advantage of this program by going to Ascend West Virginia here.

West Virginia Is Seeking to Adapt To The New World of Remote Work

The world has seen an enormous change in the way things worked in the past decade. Indeed an idea like this would have been gold before the pandemic set in, and now it isn’t any different. Several types of hybrid structures and settings have begun to take shape and form since the beginning of the pandemic, but this is aspect of remote work is probably one of the few ones that completely tilts the scales in favor of the workers and asks, “why should they even have to go to work in the first place?”

Why cant the employees stay in their homes or even move to states with significantly lower costs of living?? Why can’t they move into less congested states and areas where they don’t have to spend so much time in crowded buses and trains or traffic??

Why can’t employees move into wholesome areas with more greenery and fresh air and whatever they might like instead of living close to work in excessively priced apartments due to demand?

If anything, the last year has shown that working from home (working remotely) does not necessarily diminish the quality of work done by these employees. If anything, it increases productivity and the quality of work because the employees can work in better conditions, in their homes and areas of their choosing. A few companies may see that remote work can have drawbacks, but companies can take it on a case-by-case basis.

Learn more about the program and see if the program is right for you.