What Does Colin Kaepernick Stand For?

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I mean seriously, he’s too busy kneeling all the time.

That’s it. That’s the story.

But all jokes aside and genuinely speaking, Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, Kaepernick simply has marginal talent and hot air.

He continues to go on about this and and that. One moment, he’s talking about injustice and the next minute he’s talking about the fact that NFL players in training camp are slaves? Is he talking about African Americans in the NFL only or Caucasians as well? Then, what is most intriguing here is the fact that many people dream of making it to the NFL. The National Football League provides you with a certain lifestyle, even those that are riding the bench will get a decent salary.

You might think, one second, the NFL player is getting the opportunity to train hard, eat well, exercise, and play a game for a certain amount of money. But if the player does well, the salary goes from hundreds of thousands to millions per year. The NFL player can earn orders of magnitude worth of salaries in one year. Colin himself has been able to earn over $24 million over the course of his career.

That too, while being mediocre.

The Promise of the United States

The beauty of the United States of America is that you can be mediocre, make it to the NFL, bumble around for a few seasons and then become a social justice warrior, accomplishing nothing. But the problem is that, just like with those who chose to elect the current leadership of the United States, making decisions is hard. It is easy to look at someone like Biden and Harris and say, “oh, they check the diversity box, the sophisticated box, and the politics as usual box” than it is to understand where the world is and where the United States stands in the world today.

The surface level, feel good, aspects may not be what is right and as more citizens in the United States are realizing, especially with Biden’s approval rating falling significantly, the feel good choice may not be the best choice.

Biden is similar to Kaepernick, you have no idea what they stand for and they both don’t have the answers to anything. But what is fantastic about the United States is that you can posture your way to the top.