What is Fulgent Genetics?

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Fulgent Genetics Inc. is a technological firm that offers a wide range of gene testing and sequencing solutions. In essence, Fulgent Genetics’ operations involves carrier screening, tumor profiling, hereditary cancer solutions, known mutation, gene, and panel solutions. Founded in 2011, Fulgent Genetics is headquartered in Temple City, California.

Upon its establishment, the tech firm upheld affordability and flexibility as its key ideas of operation. Fulgent Genetics currently strives to establish the most effective gene testing and sequencing in the market to better the everyday livelihoods of its customer segments. The company’s management upholds the belief that it will only shine brightest by bringing together meaningful relations, purpose, and passion.

Service at Fulgent Genetics

Since its establishment, Fulgent Genetics’ service philosophy has always been to answer its clients’ questions swiftly and accurately. Even though the tech company does not have an automated customer service system or a receptionist, it has a devoted staff willing to offer support among its customer segments.

Dedication to high-quality services

Fulgent Genetics uses CAP accredited and CLIA-certified laboratories in its operations. In essence, the organization seeks to operate within the standards of diagnostic testing by adopting the accreditation requirements and industrial certifications in its processes.

While Fulgent undertakes its data analysis operations in its private server centers, the genetics tech company works to ensure that all its quality controls are embodied in its procedures while the specimen used is produced from its US-based laboratories.


Fulgent is strongly committed to expanding its diagnostic solutions to surpass the status quo. The genetics company has committed its resources in the efforts of merging sophisticated areas of study like computer science, molecular biology, and genetics to present top-notch solutions in areas like genetic scalability, genetic sequencing, and data analysis.

Being the first clinical laboratory that uses NGS technology to offer copy number variation detection services, Fulgent vows to present its customers with standardized whole genome sequencing. These include over 18,000 single-gene tests, mitochondrial sequencing, whole-genome copy number variation analyses, CLIA/CAP quality sequencing, and over 800 rare disease tests. This is the best company to contact for genetic counseling options.

Why is Fulgent Genetics Interesting?

The sequencing firm went from being valued at $6.25 in late 2019 to being $42.02 in August 2020 and then exploding further up to $161.09 in February 2021. It would come back down to $70 before rising to $104. The firm has $21.1M in debt and $470M in cash.

The company is interesting because it shows that certain companies were significant winners due to COVID-19 and found ways to significantly boost revenues by aiding society with its COVID-19 tests.

Its core business earns upward of $30M and so investors are looking at how the firm will perform over the long term instead of merely looking at the short term boost provided by COVID-19 revenues.