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Do you remember the “old Halloween” of past? I enjoyed Halloween more as a young parent than I did as a child. I loved watching all the little ones decked out in their costumes as parents sat on the porch with a basket of treats, waiting to play the guessing game as to which neighborhood rugrat was behind the mask. Somehow, we always knew that one trouble maker with or without a mask. But that was all before Halloween was canceled.

I love hearing President Trump speak at his rallies. I never miss one of them. It makes me feel good and reminds me of the old days.  He has a way of bringing back memories of good times in “old American” before it was canceled and woke. He speaks of everything that could be the ingredients of American Apple Pie—a strong military so we are not afraid, strength in leadership, a strong economy, and of course, freedom. 

He is the Team Coach.  He is the one who lays out the strategy on how to win the game.  After all, politics is nothing more than a game between Team Red, Team Blue, and a few in the middle who like to play referee.  And we are the audience watching this game unfold play after play, even when it gets ugly and the referees make bad calls. But we never give up on our coach and our team, because we know we will win the next quarter with confidence. 

The latest strategy of Team Blue is to mask us back up, mask our children, and squash us like bugs on the sidewalk if some have chosen not to take the vaccine. They call us names and shower us with derogatory adjectives such as arrogant, cultists, selfish, enemies of the State, domestic terrorists, and the list goes on; but we don’t care.  We know who’s behind the mask. 

Robert Reich of “The Guardian” wrote in his article of July 29th,  

“I was elated earlier this spring when it seemed Trump and Covid were gone.  Now much is sliding backwards.  It’s not Biden’s fault; it’s Trumps Legacy” and “Republican opportunistic treachery.” 

Ah yes, we are so, so bad because we don’t fall into the hands of totalitarian order.  So as President Trump would say, “We are one People, we are one family, and together we will make American safe again.  We will make America strong again.  And we will make America Great Again!” 

This is not Trumpism.  It’s Americanism.  It’s the love of country, freedom, and respect for the flag it represents.  It’s not President Trump.  He is merely the deliverer of a message that we the people want and need to hear in the toxic atmosphere of a Biden Administration.  And he does it so well.  

It’s as American as apple pie.   

Please let us know what you think Trumpism is in the comments below. 

The left calls us all kinds of names, but we don’t care.  We know who’s behind the mask.