When Are Essential Workers No Longer Essential?

Sentry hill, sentryhill,sentryhill. Com,

When they are mandated to take a vaccine they do not want,  

When they question the teachings of Faucism, and  

When they choose to trust the science over unconstitutional mandates that are only exhibited in foreign nations (so far). 

Do you remember back in the spring of 2020 when our people became resentful and divided over who was classified as an “essential worker”?  We, as Americans, know that every worker in our blessed country is an essential worker that supplies its government with funding and sustains the fragile economic cog in the wheel of a free country.  It wasn’t until Covid came along and Dr. Fauci spreading the fear of death to all that laid the groundwork which led to the closing of the most sustainable economic country in the world. This sparked a fierce debate on who was an essential worker and who wasn’t. That’s all irrelevant now. No worker is essential to the Biden Administration, vaccinated or not. 

Yesterday’s Heroes are Today’s Villains 

Our Healthcare Heroes worked through the worse pandemic virus outbreak in our history, saw untold numbers of people dying at record pace, and working double and triple shifts all without a vaccine!  Our doctors, nurses, aids, EMTs, ambulance drivers, fire fighters, police and many more risked their own lives to save the lives of others, and now it’s a whole new ballgame. 

President Biden is down-right committed to ending the pandemic on his watch, instituting unconstitutional mandates on healthcare workers to teachers, and has declared war on the unvaccinated and small business owners.  He is determined to punish loyal workers and pick on the weakest sheep in the flock to get what he wants.   

Senator Ron Johnson stated in Washington Times: 

“The advent of vaccine mandates is exacerbating social divisions and will only increase the pandemic harms. We are relentlessly told by the COVID-19 gods — federal agencies, mainstream media, and social media — that they alone represent science, and any other interpretation of data or opinion is labeled dangerous misinformation.” 

How Low Will Joe Go? 

Joe Biden is so dead set on his agenda, he’s even stooping low enough to ignore the American People’s Constitutional rights under the First Amendment to get it done. Since the Constitution does not apply to private business, the President of the United States used government agencies as a way to skirt the constitution and manipulate private business.  He used the CDC to extend the eviction mandate on landlords.  He used OSHA’s power to mandate vaccines in all work places with more than 100 employees including healthcare facilities, even while they are still struggling to get up off their knees from being forced to close last year.  If the employees of these businesses choose to not comply with these mandates, they will be forced out of their jobs with no chance of paid leave or unemployment benefits to survive. There have already been lawsuits filed against these state and federal mandates, but Joe knows that by the time these lawsuits make it through the sluggish court system, his master plan will have come to fruition.  This is absolutely, disgustingly cruel, and blatant blasphemy against the United States Constitution. 

Who Will Replace Our Hero’s? 

The United States National Guard, of course.  These troops are expected know everything from earthquakes to hurricanes, to brain surgery, to driving a school bus.  They are going to be expected to pick up the slack and fill in where employees refuse to comply—an insult to our military service members.  And by the way, and they will be dishonorably discharged with no pension if they even think about non-compliance. 

What Is This Really About? 

It’s not about the vaccines at all.  It’s not about saving lives at all.  It’s about government over-reach, power, and control; and the only way to fight back and stop this madness is to fight back the same way they do.  So let’s show ‘em how it’s done and give them a taste of their own medicine, shall we?