Who Knew BLM Stood For Buy Large Mansions

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The Short Of It: BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ million-dollar real-estate buying binge

It is no news that Patrisse Khan-Cullor, one of the Black Lives Matter movement co-founders, has been on a personal property acquisition spree. The New York newspaper headline “Black Lives Manor” has triggered many emotions as over $4million has been spent by Patrisse on properties alone; people are asking questions about the source of their wealth.

The latest property that gathered attention is the $1.4 million home on a secluded road from Malibu, Los Angeles, predominantly 88% caucasian in population. The property is 2,370 square-foot with soaring ceilings, beautiful skylights, incredible views, and windows open to canyon structures. This is just one of the many more properties she has been acquiring since the year 2016.

This has led to several reactions from various organizations and most especially from the black community. They feel it is a shameful thing to take advantage of the BLM cause and use it for personal enrichment. It is 

even more concerning when the founders of BLM state that they are Marxist and lean communist, while at the same time engage in capitalistic actions.

It can not be properties for me but communism for you. Or can it? That is generally the socialist and communist theme. These leaders get to power, usually after shedding a lot of blood, then stay there and absorb the wealth while doing central planning.

Comments From Astonished Bystanders

Former Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson tweeted, “ white guilt is the new get rich scheme” on her popular social media platform. This has gathered a lot of comments from the user. 

Some fellow activists were shocked, most especially Hawk Newsome, the head of the Black Lives Matter association in the city of New York, who requested a private and independent investigation on how the association finances are being used.

They are trying to get to the truth of the matter. Is BLM really to advance justice for the black community? Or are they merely preying on situations that strike a chord with people and can take significant advantage of that? It seems like it is all about obtaining as many donations for personal enrichment from its recent actions.

An indirect lesson is that getting rich is as easy as finding ways to exploit tense racial situations. You can create careers on this theme alone, ask Al Sharpton.

On The Founder of BLM

Patrisse did not gain international recognition until the year 2013 when she and others protested against the not-guilty verdict awarded to Mr. George Zimmerman, who shot an unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin.

Significant Acceleration and Growth of The Organization Through Liberal Politics

The recent Black Lives Matter protest of 2020 gathered donations from several celebrities, private individuals, and organizations that brought out Patrisse again. The death of George Floyd yielded almost $90 million and is unclear how much was used for the betterment of the black community.

Further, it is unclear what the “betterment of the black community” genuinely means. Does that mean facilities that only the black community can use? Or is it open to all?

Concerning the finances, the Black Lives Matter association refused to state the exact amount of donations received and expenses accrued. Since it is a dual finance setting of non-profit and profit (Black Lives Global Network). 

The profit finance organization, Black lives Global Network, has refused to announce the paychecks of their workers and executives to the public. This has given room for concern, calling out the subtle and overt (buying mansions is overt) corruption going on in the association.

“We need black accountants, financial firms, black analysts to go in there and find out what the money is used for and where it is coming from. My group does not receive any financial aid or response from Patrisse Black Global Network,” Newsome said once again.

That comment is quite divisive in itself, as it indicates a parallel economy and overt discrimination. But that seems to be the goal of the hypocritically Marxist-run organization.

Controversy Reigns with BLM in 2021

Black people on various social media have condemned the actions of Patrisse. Random comments include, “her actions have made a mockery of our movement, we are supposed to be united in ending white supremacy, but her actions have taken us backward. This is a shame to black people and women, most especially. We are asking you to be transparent; is that too much to ask?”

More people are now directing questions like “How can you call yourself a Marxist or socialist and pick into other’s pocket for your social gain” to Patrisse, but her silence has been deafening.

It is hard to justify these corrupt actions, but the repercussions and consequences of BLM’s divisive actions will linger for quite a while.