Why is It Important to Recognize Memorial Day?

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Why is Kamala Harris saying “enjoy the long weekend” without one single mention of Memorial Day and why this weekend is observed something to be concerned about in the world right now? It seems like it doesn’t matter, right? It is just a few words and sure it is a long weekend.

The problem is that it spits on the United States, it doesn’t recognize those that died for the United States, and it is a subtle shift in ton from the United States as this unique and great nation to one that is common and just like other nations. It is sort of a symbol of where the United States stands in the world and where it fits in.

If you are fine with that, especially that last line, then you go on about your day, relax and act like everything is great. But that is the problem, ignoring subtle issues like this and not recognizing those that have laid down their lives for this country and why that matters is emblematic of the greater problems that the United States faces as a nation.

Nikki Haley and countless others were right to call Kamala Harris out on merely referring to it as the “long weekend.” Haley, for her part, noted that the Harris tweet was “unprofessional and unfit.”

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day occurs on the last Monday of May to honor and pay homage to those in the United State military that have laid down their lives for this great nation. The day matters to those who have had family and dearly beloved friends that they lost due to their involvement in the military. Indeed, remembering their service and sacrifice is not only important as it recognizes those who have gone on but it also helps to show support for the family members and friends of those that have lost their loved ones.

The reason why the United States is a place where people of all cultures want to be, legally and illegally, is because the nation has been able to gain independence, preserve itself throughout several hundreds of years, and remain robust. But if you don’t recognize the hard work, the sacrifice, and the significance of the actions that others have taken, then you don’t realize the value of the United States today. If you don’t recognize the value of the United States, from the ability to pursue the best life, liberty, and happiness, then the idea of the United States starts to deteriorate.

Recognizing Memorial Day and Independence Day Seems to Be An Issue

But for some reason, leading democrats like Governor Cuomo and others find it painful to recognize days like Independence Day. For his part, he noted on Independence Day, “Happy Saturday” as he cleaned his car. It is necessary to acknowledge the United States as a nation, as place that it is distinct, that does have its respective strengths and weaknesses and work to preserve those strengths while minimizing weaknesses. Indeed, as we’re noticing from trade balance deficits to an increasing reliance on debt to more individuals relying on the United States government for help and support in paying student loans to pushing out evictions, there seems to be a hollowing out of America.

Real change only happens when our leaders recognize the value of the United States and genuinely understand why many people seek to come here and start taking actions that benefit the longevity of the nation. The problems can continue to compound if our leaders and its citizens continue to stay asleep at the wheel. Those who understand the value of Memorial Day recognize the value of sacrifice, service, and gratitude, values that seem to be decaying in this great nation.