Will The Covid-19 Vaccine Terminate Pregnancies?

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A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has noted that women who take the Covid-19 vaccine in their first or second trimesters of pregnancy suffer a spontaneous abortion rate of 82%. That is a somewhat startling factor that the medical field should pay attention to. Indeed, the study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that at least some medical professionals are studying it.

In the study, the authors proceeded with the deliberate pursuit of demystifying the truth concerning vaccines that cause spontaneous abortions by poring through the pieces of data. However, if we are to look at the results obtained by the study, then we must be very worried about vaccinating pregnant women.

This is not a study that is in isolation.

Other doctors around the world have also noted that it may be wise to hold off on COVID-19 vaccination in other stages of the pregnancy.

Doctors have also noted elsewhere to avoid COVID-19 vaccination, except this time, in the first trimester “this precaution is to avoid any adverse effects that could lead to problems in newborns. We do not know whether the Covid vaccine is safe for pregnant women as yet, so it is advisable to avoid them in the first trimester in the larger interest of the health of the baby,” a doctor notes, who has worked extensively on rabies vaccines for pregnant women.”

Remember that the COVID-19 mortality rate is blown out of proportion, the data shows that it affects unhealthy people and the older generation more. Further, the data shows that mortality usually affects those that are older.

More on the New England Journal of Medicine Study on COVID-19 and Pregnancies

The researchers studied 827 pregnant women. Of these, 700 were exposed to the vaccine in their third trimester of pregnancy while 127 were exposed to the vaccine in their first and second trimesters. Shockingly, 104 out of the 127 who were exposed to the vaccine in their first and second trimesters (82% of the sample size) suffered spontaneous abortions.

Research Should be Transparent and Not One Sided or Politically Motivated

This piece of research is important because it is necessary to have more types of research that are focused on looking at all of the potential detriments of the the COVID-19 vaccine. The consensus narrative is to make sure to obtain the vaccine as quickly as possible as that is the only way to escape the virus. But as SentryHill noted several times before, the vaccines do not offer 100% protection against the virus, despite claims for the present White House leadership team stating that it does.

Conversely, individuals have gone to shops, traveled, went to weddings and other gatherings without taking the vaccine and many have done well and lived their lives.

Further, the data also shows that many of those that have gotten COVID-19 in the past has recovered.

Sure, COVID-19 is no laughing matter but one should not have to live in fear or go overboard with various governmental measures to lower the overall quality of life of many people all over the world. It is quite necessary to ensure that there is an abundance of research on the vaccine without political dilution.