Will They Cancel Sharon Stone For Talking about Cancel Culture?

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Sharon Stone, who is 63 years old, promoted her book, The Beauty of Living Twice and had a few comments on the current trends present in culture. She blasted cancel culture while speaking on SiriusXM’s Jenny Show. Stone blasted cancel culture blatantly and labeled it as one of the stupidest things she encountered. 

In addition to this, she also noted that people should develop some empathy towards each other rather than pinpointing each other’s mistakes. It seems as if empathy is not present in the current era. More seek to throw stones immediately after significant research into people’s past tweets or comments. Funnily, they will seek to crucify others for comments in the past without realizing that certain comments were made in a different time. Each time has different parameters or socially acceptable norms.

We are moving further into a politically correct culture to where if you step out of line, slightly, you are crucified.

Sharon Stone and her New Book

Stone’s new book is all set to launch this week and will be available at bookstores. Apart from being bold and clear in her speech, Stone has been bold in her book. In her book, she notes issues that she has faced in her career in Hollywood and how these problems have shaped her as a person.

She notes an instance, where a scene from one of her movies was publicly criticized. In the movie, she is not wearing underwear and repeatedly crossed and uncrossed her legs in a room full of male police officers. Due to this, she became a sex symbol in Hollywood; however, Paul Verhoeven, the director, promised her that this clip would not appear in the final version of the film, but it did. Stone slapped the director and walked out of the premiere, but the director denied any such promise made to the actress.

Even then, she is not one to quickly throw stones and participate in cancel culture. A culture that leads to further destruction and divisiveness.

Sharon Stone favored and defended Christian Bale, who went into a rant on the sets of the movie Terminator. Despite Woody Allen’s documentary of his ex, Stone shared her experience of working with Allen. She shared that the experience was wonderful in both personal and professional ways. Moreover, Stone emphasized increasing her empathy skills and fostering empathy towards each other rather than labeling a person with some words and then wiping out their whole perspective and personality.

She also said that people should be given a chance to understand and be understood.