A Private School In Miami Rejects COVID-19 Vaccinated Teachers

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A private school in Miami chooses to go in a different direction by not promoting vaccination efforts. But instead of passively accepting vaccinations, they are also not accepting those who have taken the vaccination.

That brings about many questions. Why are they not promoting it and why are they doing the opposite of larger corporations and firms by rejecting those who obtained an injection?

It helps to look at the larger picture to understand the reasoning.

The Coronavirus Narrative

The coronavirus has done a number on society. It has affected the way we conduct business and even move around. Schools were forced to close down, which affected many teacher’s abilities to impact minds. 

In the meantime, there have been vaccines developed to combat the coronavirus. The vaccines were created under the empowerment of the previous regime under President Donald Trump and the Operate Warp Speed Initiative.

Still, governments around the world imposed restrictions, ensured that the public stayed inside and stayed apart from others. Further, small businesses have had to shut down and many businesses have had to go through bankruptcy as they were not able to sustain operations. Even more so, these actions ensured that people would have to rely on the government for stimulus programs. The stimulus programs would apply to individuals, corporations, city governments, pension plans and even state governments.

While the IMF noted in 2019 that the global growth outlook would slow down due to a variety of aspects. No one thought that a global pandemic would occur in 2020 and last through 2021 ushering in many changes for society. These changes would make society more centralized, focused on government provisions, and make it to where there is less economic diversity. Where economic diversity in this context states, a mixture of small business, medium business and big business. As many experts noted, many small businesses had to close up operations for good due to the lack of business because of lockdowns.

Meanwhile lockdowns have increased mental health issues, have plunged many people into varying levels of poverty, and others into relying on the government for stimulus checks.

The coronavirus narrative with wealth destruction for some, a K shaped recovery, and other aspects is not an United States narrative but a global narrative.

As we move through the pandemic we see more increase in government control, consolidation of firms, seemingly less liberties for the individuals and more fear mongering by the general media for COVID-19, a sickness that has around a 2% mortality rate.

The fundamentals seems to show more pressure on the average citizen through inflation, an increase in cost of goods, an increase in fear and anxiety combined with more control and authoritarian policies by global governments. The acceleration of digitization in money, work, surveillance capitalism, and other factors are also themes present within the last year and a half.

The Pushback by Private Citizens

Two private campuses in Miami have taken a different approach. The private schools are not preventing teachers from getting the vaccine but are noting that it may be best to work elsewhere if employees were to take the vaccine.

Additionally, this school has said that it won’t employ teachers and other staff who have been vaccinated.

This statement has left many parents and existing staff surprised.

What The School Is Thinking

Centner academy was founded by Leila Centner and her husband, David Center. In an official email sent to parents and staff affiliated with the school, Leila Center said that people who have taken this vaccine don’t know what they’re injecting into their bodies. 

The founder said that vaccines “may be transmitting something from their bodies” that could harm others, particularly the “reproductive systems, fertility, and normal growth and development in women and children.”

Interestingly, the school itself said that information is new and yet to be researched. However, it has told its employees not to take the vaccine until at least the end of the year. 

Leila wants scientists to conduct more research on the vaccine before allowing her employees to take it. 

In the official mail she sent to parents, she said, “It is our policy, to the extent possible, not to employ anyone who has taken the experimental COVID-19 injection until further information is known.”

She said she made this decision with a very heavy heart and understood the outrage behind her decision. She also said that she strongly believes in freedom of choice, so she didn’t prevent her employees from getting the vaccine.

 However, the reports that have associated increased deaths with people who have taken this vaccine have forced her to take this drastic action. She said she’s doing this to protect her employees and the beloved children enrolled in their school.

She has requested that employees who have already taken the vaccine socially distance themselves from them and duly inform the school. 

In the pandemic era, it is essential not to endorse rumors. Before you believe any specific piece of information, make sure the information has scientific backing and hard facts. In the case of being hesitant to vaccines, there is cause to be cautious. It is certainly a new project, it has new methods, and again, it is for a sickness that has a 2% mortality rate.  

Again, caution is advised when considering initiatives within the pandemic, studying the data, and various reports is necessary before making concrete decisions.