The FBI and Gretchen Whitmer

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On October 8, 2020, a plot was uncovered to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer and overthrow the state government.  13 men were arrested for orchestrating the plot and then a 14th was arrested shortly thereafter.  But there are quite a few stories to uncover over here. The large story may have been about the potential kidnapping of Governor Whitmer but many are missing the issues related to the FBI and how they are tied to this case in more ways than one.

There has been a lot of information regarding the extent of the FBI’s involvement in the plot, revealing corruption in the agency.  But first, let’s start by looking at Whitmer and her career before we move on.

Gretchen Whitmer Career 

 In 2019, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer took office as Governor of the state of Michigan.  She ran for Governor on the following issues: 

  • Fixing damaged roads 
  • Cleaning up drinking water 
  • Expanding opportunities for all citizens 

Another issue that Whitmer is passionate about is education. “I believe every child in this state has a birthright to a phenomenal public education and a path to a high wage job.” Gretchen Whitmer 

The Kidnapping Plot 

In a report by the Detroit News, the plot to kidnap Whitmer was organized due to Whitmer’s strict coronavirus protection policies which included lockdowns in Michigan.  This group also included members of a militia group called The Wolverine Watchmen who were accused by state officials of targeting police and were planning to instigate a civil war.  The plot to kidnap the governor also included burning down the state capitol. 

The conspirators who labeled Whitmer “a tyrant”, had been doing surveillance of her at her vacation home.  They had planned to move her to a location in Wisconsin to “stand trial for treason.”  It was said by the FBI that an undercover investigation had uncovered and thwarted the plot.    

FBI Involvement 

Information has recently come to light that the FBI had more involvement in the plot to kidnap the Michigan governor.  The agency not only had informants in the group but reports indicate that some operatives played key roles in instigating the plot and encouraging participation. The Detroit Free Press reported that some of the people charged in the plot claim entrapment by the FBI.  The question has been raised whether or not there would have ever been a plot to kidnap the governor if it had not been for the involvement of the FBI.   

A defendant in the case came forward with information that there were 12 FBI informants in the investigation who were involved for several months while the kidnapping was being planned. One informant who rose to second in command of the group paid for travel for the members to meet together and encouraged them to work together to advance the plan.  The defendant also said that informants led military type training events related to the plot.  The feeling toward informants has been mixed as some feel that informants have critical roles to play in investigations while others feel they sometimes falsify evident for the purpose of entrapment. 

The latter is a significant issue because it can create an event or a situation that should not occur due to outside catalysts. It can mean a significant waste of government resources and tragedies that should not take place but do, due to government intervention and exacerbation. This is a factor that can certainly bring about critical issues and should be addressed for a free and safe society.

This incident among others regarding the FBI and unauthorized contact with the media that was part of an investigation by The Department of Justice have certainly cast doubt on the integrity of the agency.