The Internet Firm Yandex Expands eGrocery To Paris And London

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Yandex is a Russian multinational firm that provides various essential services to users in various parts of the world. Yandex is known for its popular Internet related services and products that include its search engine and its browser. While it is registered in the Netherlands, most of its team and presence is in Russia. 

The firm serves users within Russia and has over 14 commercial offices across the globe.

Yandex continues to hold its own as the most prominent technology firm within the Russian nation. Further, it has a strong grasp on the search engine market as it continues to hold the lead there as well. It has a strong presence within Europe and follows closely behind Google, Baidu and search engine firms based in the United States.

It does face competition from Google, the Mail. RU group and other firms that include Rambler as well.

The firm is appropriately diversified in that it is involved in transportation, e-commerce, navigation, and various other aspects, including online advertising. It is essential to note that Yandex is seeking to establish its presence in the food delivery segment as well to gain value there. It has recently moved into expanding its food delivery offerings internationally, specifically, in Paris and London.

Yandex is a Russian giant that has changed the way many countries conduct transactions. Now, this company is in the headlines yet again for positive reasons. It is set to expand its innovative eGrocery service to two powerhouse countries, in in leading cities like Paris and London. 

According to U.S news, it would be unveiled in Paris in the second quarter of the year and London in the third quarter of the year. 

Yandex Amid The Pandemic and Innovation

Their innovation has helped during this era of the pandemic. During this pandemic, many people have been restricted from getting their groceries and food

As a result, their business boomed in Russia.

Although other companies are helping out with the delivery process, the order overload means that they are generally slow. Maxim Firsov, ahead of a division in Yandex, said, “We saw that retailers themselves are too slow to deliver, while delivery startups that work with third-party stores don’t have real-time access to their assortment and often have to replace goods in the order. Therefore, we focused on developing our mini-warehouses with super-fast delivery.”

As of now, Yandex. Lavka, the delivery subsidiary of Yandex, currently rakes in an impressive two million orders a month. It also has over 300 stores that provide its services.

Impressively, they have another subsidiary that has improved human life, called Yandex Go. This is a taxi business responsible for carrying people around. This subsidiary will be the first to operate in Paris, as it has already been registered with a Paris organization. 

Development is underway already, as the eCommerce business plans to spend over $400 million to drive their progress and extend their services to many other parts of the world. Many analysts estimate that by 2023, the services of this business have over three times as much demand. This would consequently mean that the business would appreciate in value.