California Governor Race and Governor Recall

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California governor Gavin Newsom will face an election recall.  Newsom was elected governor and took office in January 2019. 

A recall petition was started in February 2021, and California Democrats voted to expedite the recall process.  Therefore, a date has been set for the recall election of September 14, 2021.  The recall election looks favorable for Newsom with California being a primarily Democratic state and the state reopening after a high rate of coronavirus victims. 

The expedited date also makes it difficult for other candidates to have time to organize campaigns for the election.  This will not be the first time that California has held a recall in the election of its governor. 

In 2003, a recall election was held resulting in a win by Arnold Schwarzenegger over Gray Davis.  Newsom and his supporters say this recall is a result of right-wing Republicans not wanting to concede defeat to the Democratic party.

Reasons for the Newsom Recall

 In a report by ABC news, the following issues were named as reasons for the recall.

  • Laws endorsed favoring foreign nationals that are here illegally.
  • California taxes are the highest in the nation.
  • High homelessness rates and low quality of life
  • California named as sanctuary state.
  • Failure to enforce immigration laws.
  • Overruled popular vote on the death penalty.
  • Water rationing
  • Increase in taxes.
  • Restriction of parental rights    

This is quite a laundry list of complaints; however, there are some supporters who believe that Newsom has a good chance of winning the recall election. It is surprising to see a few of the complaints present within the United States. For instance, one would not expect to see water rationing, lower quality of life, and even restriction of parental rights in the United States. But it seems like the United States is headed down this dangerous path of excessive spending and significant proposals to intake more taxes.

In a report by Intelligencer magazine, if the recall election were now only 40 percent of voters would vote yes for removal while 56 percent would vote no, and 5 percent were undecided. Republicans and Independents were more likely to vote yes than Democrats according to the report. 

 Competition in The California Governor Race

  So, who is running against Newsom in the recall election?  There is quite an interesting list of candidates who have announced their intent to run. 

  • Caitlyn Jenner former Olympian and reality TV star
  • Kevin Faulconer  former mayor of San Diego
  • John Cox  businessman
  • Doug Ose Rep. former member of Congress
  • Sam Gallucci  senior pastor
  • Mary Carey  former adult film star
  • Angelyne  billboard model
  • Jenny Rae LeRoux  businesswoman
  • Grover Coltharp former policeman turned insurance broker

These are a few of the over 70 candidates who filed preliminary paperwork with the Fair Political Practices Commission to run for governor according to the LA Times.  One thing is for certain, the recall election is shaping up to be an interesting if not controversial highlight in the race for California’s governor.