Dem Strategist Donna Brazile Says Shop Smarter

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There is an inflation crisis brewing and democrat strategists like Donna Brazile think that the problem is not in the current policies pushed by the current government but rather with shoppers. Her solution is to shop smarter to fight against inflation.

The reason why that’s illogical is because inflation spreads and spills over into every aspect of life in some form or fashion. Fuel and energy costs as well as food costs and supply chain issues boost the cost of many goods and services.

Sure, customers can shop smarter but they still will not be able to evade inflation and the costs that it brings to the table.

Being a Smart Shopper is a Good Idea, but that’s Not the Actual Solution

Donna Brazile, the Democratic strategist, is at loggerheads with Chris Christie, the former Republican governor of New Jersey. The clash comes after Christie’s Sunday claim that his wife purchased toilet paper for $29 on a panel discussion concerning President Biden’s agenda staged by ABC’s This Week.

According to Christie, the soaring commodity prices have made it difficult for the ordinary American to survive in President Joe Biden’s administration. The former Republican governor revealed that ordinary Americans are profoundly struggling with increasing gas and essential commodity prices.

Brazile Is Proposing to fix a gun shot wound with a mere Bandage

In reaction, Brazile explained that President Biden’s administration should not be blamed for the soaring commodity prices since inflation has been increasing for the last three years. Brazile advised Americans to be wise any moment they go out to shop. For instance, the Democratic strategist explained that one could smartly avoid the exorbitant costs by avoiding inner-city shopping facilities as they tend to charge more than the stores located further out.

Reacting to Brazile’s comments, Christie revealed that the Democrats had unfairly adopted a slogan that grants them the discretion to increase the commodity prices while urging Americans to be smart about the prevailing situations.

Remember, the discussion comes when Americans consider inflation as the top concern as they predict that commodity prices will remain high. Apart from the ever-increasing inflation rates, ordinary Americans struggle with slower wage growth that has had an acute adverse effect on their living standards.

A report released by the Labor Department on Wednesday showed that restaurant prices increased by over 5% in the last 12 months. In particular, growing food and housing prices, worker shortages, and supply chain issues have contributed to the current inflation rates.

A New York Fed’s consumer survey released this week revealed that Americans predict that the inflation rate will grow by 4% as we move into 2022 and 3.4% for the ensuing three years; the highest level of inflation the country has ever had since 2013.