Maricopa County – A “spoliation of evidence!”

According to the latest tweet from Maricopa Arizona Audit, there is a “spoliation of evidence” in one of the key counties concerning the 2020 Presidential election. Once again, Maricopa County, AZ is in the news concerning election integrity and their audit.

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While the Twitter trolls bash the dates on the screenshot and point to the fact that the majority of the dates are prior to the 2020 election, they fail to realize that the post clearly states “election cycle”. Why is this relevant? Because these files may have included information on the primaries, voter registration, or other relevant demographic and electoral information affecting general and local elections. The bigger question is: Why is ANY voter information being deleted prior to an audit?

Letter to Maricopa Board of Supervisors c/o Chairman Jack Sellers

Senator Karen Fann has issued a formal letter for cooperation in efforts to satisfy the audit. Deleted databases, chain of custody issues, and a lack of response for passwords to access voting tabulation has further divided parties about the integrity of the 2020 Presidential election.

Statement from former President Donald Trump

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Integrity of our elections matter greatly for the future of our country. Without good faith and a secure voting system in place, the idea of a free America will forever be lost from true public servants and patriots.

Margaret Buley

Truth matters.

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