The only science at work

Sentry hill, sentryhill,sentryhill. Com,

The ruling class’ use of behavioral psychology throughout this has been the only science at work in what appears to be their final assault against humanity in the class war. They’re throwing everything they have at us, and mobilized, enlisted, and activated every “behavioral insight”, nudge theory, and asset in what is nothing less than an existential crisis of capitalism and their final move for ALL the marbles.

Within this, they’ve thrown logic on its head at each turn, they’ve contorted and perverted truths as they always have, but the desperation is self-evident in the manner in which they’ve gone all out.

Enlisting Gabor Mate (and son) to weaponize the trauma inflicted by the ruling class is clearly reverse psychology.

From where I stand most dissidents are the ones who have resolved the trauma, done the inner work, and have a rightful and healthy distrust which the ruling class has done everything to earn.

The desire for self-preservation and demonstrable cowardice is clearly present in the group that chooses to hide behind the narrative the most powerful forces disseminate. It offers protection. People smeared as conspiracy theorists are not in that group.