Watch: People Celebrate Juneteenth Shooting

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What is certain parts of the country coming to in 2021? It is absolutely horrifying and disgusting in how certain parts of the country are acting in this day and age. The government made a significant deal about making Juneteenth a national holiday. In Oakland, California, there were quite a bit of people that came out and celebrated Juneteenth. Unfortunately, a shooting took place and several people were injured with one person dead at the latest count.

But what is surprising is that there is a video of individuals twerking and dancing around the ambulance vehicle. People are not only twerking and dancing on and around it, they are standing on top of the paramedic vehicle and throwing footballs and such. It is rather horrifying and very disturbing as it shows a certain level of degeneracy when it comes to popular culture.

Horrifying Dancing at Juneteenth Shooting

The reason why it is absolutely horrifying is because there has to be some respect for those who are wounded and for the dead. If this is a part of American culture in 2021, what does it look like in 2030? One would think that such displays would have died by the wayside a long time ago as people learn, become educated, and look forward to more growth, innovation, and progress.

This is not the type of culture that puts the United States in the lead when it comes to its status as a nation from a soft power standpoint. It is far from acceptable and is absolutely terrifying to see. It seems that the United States is far from this level and needs much more investment in education, community development, and general progress. A certain level or standard of civility is supposed to be a given when interacting with society in general and that seems to be lacking.