Here Come the Suggestions for COVID-19 Booster Shots

Booster shot

Booster shots? Yes, you heard that right. First, there is the initiative to deploy the initial shot or the series of shots and then it becomes a regular event for Americans and people across the world. Indeed, due to a barrage of fear mongering by the likes of Rachel Maddow and other pundits in the mainstream media, and other reasons, millions of United States citizens have taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

The first priority was those who where older, then it became those who were middle aged, and now there is a push to vaccinate children. Some schools and universities are mandating vaccine shots if individuals plan to attend their campuses in person. Of course, this is all far from surprising. you have probably seen how some stores and individuals have taken a different approach to the virus. While some have been more lax and have acted as others have during earlier pandemics, others have gone full on fear mode. If you visit your friends that you haven’t seen in a while, they might immediately start the conversation by asking if you have gotten vaccinated, as that’s the most highest priority.

The highest priority isn’t to ask about other aspects of your life, say, if you have done something interesting, switched jobs, or other regular matters. No, at the current moment, many feel the need to prioritize COVID-19 shots for themselves and then others that they know with classic peer pressure, and mixture of carrot and stick approaches by governments.

COVID-19 vaccinations have become top of mind. Now, everyone knows, you strike while the iron is hot. As such, it is time add in more mentions of booster shots for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Booster Shots on The Way?

But now, it is time to slowly start adding the idea of COVID-19 booster shots to continue to deploy these vaccines and inject them potentially annually into the global populace. Experts in this field are uncertain of anything in life, much less when it comes to their supposed level of expertise.

As noted with the recent Fauci emails, where he noted interesting information like “masks found at your local stores will not help to contain the virus in anyway” and other elements that are coming to light, the expert response to the pandemic has been mess and has affected people in more ways than one. From job loss to mental health decline, riots and crime going up, it has set the world back.

But what is even more intriguing is that stores still impose masks! It has been proven time and time again by institutions such as MIT that even social distancing does not work. But these policies of yesteryear still stay in place, even after the data shows their impotence! The coronavirus protection and safety narrative still lives on.

Even after fully vaccinated individuals have died from COVID-19, and some have died due to the exposure, this regular push for the intake of the vaccine lives on. Reuters even notes that delaying the second dose may even save more lives. But the drum beats for booster shots are on the rise. Mind you that this is all for a virus that has a very low fatality rate across the world. A recent report noted “the median age of Covid deaths (86) exceeds average life expectancy in Canada. 70% of the deaths in the province of Ontario took place in care homes. The mortality rate from Covid in Canada under 59 years of age is 0.0017%.” It seems like individuals are living in bizarro world.

Still, the United States is moving toward over 60% vaccination rates and individuals have questions about the strength of their vaccine. Some reports indicate that people are finding their antibodies go away shortly after taking the vaccine. That means that the individual went through all of the trouble to take it, took risks, and will obtain minimal protection?

Scientists Still Wonder if Booster Shots Are Necessary

While scientists are wondering if COVID-19 booster shots will be necessary, no one has any conclusive data or answers. This resembles the regular approach to the pandemic by health experts. They are wondering if the initial vaccine will last for a while, a few speculate that it should last for a year but there is no conclusive data. The new emergence of the variants also raise questions but firms such as AstraZeneca note that the vaccine should protect against the disease.

While there are many questions on the initial vaccine and the long term effects it might have, if the past year and a half has been any indication, a fresh batch of booster shots will be likely.