Man Attacks UPS Driver in San Francisco

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The fact is that crime is going up in San Francisco but will San Francisco change its policies? It has a crime rate of 64 per one thousand residents. Reports indicate that “San Francisco went from 41 to 48 homicides from 2019 to 2020, a 17% increase. Data points to the fact that San Francisco is safer than 2 percent of other cities in the United States. That is a relatively high crime rate for a city that boasts venture capital firms, technology companies, and respectable financial firms. It is important to note that while burglaries went down in other parts of the country during the heights of the lockdown and the pandemic, San Francisco had the honor of seeing its burglaries shoot up.

It is hard to state that San Francisco is overall safer than the rest of the cities of the USA. As homeless people are increasing day by day on the streets of San Francisco, making the environment dangerous for ordinary people.

The trend is not good for San Francisco and it indicates the policies must change or it will have more exposure to less safety. It is a head scratcher because one wonders where all of the high taxes are going. But that is a discussion for another day.

Coronavirus Restrictions Has Made the Problem Worse

Even after the imposition of coronavirus restrictions, San Francisco experienced an increase in crime rate in the year 2020. The significant crimes witnessed in the city include motor and vehicle theft, burglaries, robberies, assaults, thefts, and rapes. 

Even UPS Drivers Are Far From Safe In San Francisco

In a world of last mile delivery and an increasing rate of crime and burglaries, those with valuable goods become targets.

Recently, a UPS driver was hit by a man vigorously trying to steal the package from him towards his delivery route. The incident occurred on Thursday around two noon. The UPS driver then comes into contact with a Toyota Highlander, driven by another individual near the Gough and Market. As shown in this video, one can see that the situation unfolds and the UPS driver wins in the end while the attacker flees and even faceplants. The package and the UPS driver was safe in the end. At least, we know that the UPS driver was able to emerge victorious in that situation. But that is one incident.

What could happen in an even more violent incident?

The Homeless and Crime Situation Is Festering Problem

The city has been watching as the homeless people have risen in number for a long time; despite its welcoming behavior, the city has been engaged in a longstanding crisis. The people are unable to afford a decent living due to policies imposed by the local governments hence are driven to the streets. 

According to the last verified count, the city has more than 8000 homeless people—however, 260 live in sanctioned camps while 1,730 are staying temporarily at designated hotels. The city authorities are eager to develop new plans as homelessness is giving rise to a large number of crimes in the city. Indeed, more enlightened programs like Homelessness Recovery Plan have been initiated to expand housing in San Francisco as the city pours more money into its failed policies.

The city and the housing advocates agree that the new funding and the introduction to new resources will provide an opportunity for a better living for the homeless people, however, they have been agreeing on this for quite a while and nothing has changed. The pandemic, however, has worsened the situation. The city witnessed more tents than any other time of the year on the streets.

The situation in San Francisco makes one think of the phrase, when the facts change, I change my mind, what do you do? It is necessary for significant change to take place in San Francisco or its problem will accelerate further and affect more people. There has been much talk of people leaving California in search of better places, this is one of the reasons why.