Pelosi Expresses Gratitude to George Floyd for “Sacrificing His Life”

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Pelosi, recently expressed her opinions on the Derek Chauvin trial. The final verdict was that Derek Chauvin was guilty. The trial was a contentious one with various people stating that trial by mob equates to injustice in America. Others noted that the verdict within in this case was inevitable due.

But these were opinions during the trial. Opinions after the trial, one would think, would be less inflammatory. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thought that it would be best to essentially step in it again.

She thanked George Floyd for laying his life down for the cause, for justice. Of course, there would be no issue with this statement if Floyd was affected by law enforcement due his actions as a civil rights leader. It would make a great deal of sense if, like Nelson Mandela, Floyd was attacked and persecuted for protesting for civil rights or freedoms like Martin Luther King Jr.

But the reality is that this was a situation that originated due to the need for law enforcement. That is where the Pelosi narrative breaks down.

The Reality Matters and Pelosi Re-writing the Reality Distorts Facts

The Floyd incident wasn’t someone in Tunisia participating in self immolation and starting protests all over the Middle East because of corruption, economic destruction, and death by a thousand cuts.

Rather, the Floyd incident started due to a case of counterfeit bills. To be more precise, Floyd used $20 forgery to start a string of events that led to Floyd’s death, riots, and protests all over the U.S. The entire incident started because Floyd allegedly utilized a counterfeit bill to purchase cigarettes at a local corner store. The clerk noted this to the local enforcement, as required by the clerks’ store policy.

As one can see, applauding someone for sacrificing their life for justice can be a bit ironic. The idea here is not to speak ill of the dead but rather to point out that the incident took place due an alleged counterfeiting incident. While the outcome of the incident requires quite a bit of analysis, understanding the origins of the situation is quite important.

The issue with ignoring the the aspects that started the event is that it distorts reality. It pushes away the elements of personal responsibility, and the idea that actions have consequences. Instead it creates more divisiveness, it blames everything on the system, it brings in race politics, and allows others to capitalize on the situation for their personal gain.

Pelosi is puling on heart strings by noting “for being there to call out to your mom, how heartbreaking was that? Call out for your mom. ‘I can’t breathe.’” Pelosi stated “but because of you and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will be synonymous with justice.”

She does have a point it did have to do with justice, it had to with law enforcement due to alleged counterfeiting. The incident then escalated into something much more. While one would be right to examine if excessive police force took place, one must also examine the origins of the incident and understand the steps and actions behind it.