Vaccines Are Going From Lottery to Mandatory?

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Mayor De Blasio is now calling for employers to mandate the COVID-19 vaccines. Israel has passed or has adopted a law to where organizations can share the names of unvaccinated people. But wait, isn’t that a HIPAA violation? Isn’t that health code violation?

They made it out to be fun and games. Krispy Kreme would give you donuts (to add you to the obesity statistics), your employers would give you a bonus, other restaurants would give you food or drinks. Different states offered lotteries where you could win prizes, like this was a gameshow or a county fair, “get your vaccines here and you just might win a grand prize!”

It is ludicrous!

Targeted Outreach For the Vaccines

Remember when Psaki said that the Biden admin is looking at ways to target citizens that have not gotten vaccinated by doing door to door “outreach”? Psaki also recently was pressed by the media and asked to reveal the number of breakthrough cases but she kept silent and avoided the question. Actually, she said, “Why do you need that information?”

More Information on Vaccines

Well, the reason why we need that information is because there is quite a bit of pressure and buzz around the vaccine. Everyone and their mother is telling you, singing at you, rapping at you “vaxx that thang up”, or screaming at you in some grocery stores if they are aware that you are not fully vaccinated.

The reason why we need that information about the number of breakthrough cases or cases were the vaccines weren’t effective is to know more full and comprehensive information. The truth is that those who are hesitant to take the vaccine are doing so, not because of the fact that they fear a chip inside the vaccine. No. The “chip” is inside of their phones, it is inside of their computers, and other parts of their life in this surveillance era.

Individuals want to have more comprehensive data before they make a decision on the vaccine. The crux of the matter is this, if pandemics last for two years in general, as history notes, and a significant portion of people recover if they do get the sickness, AND if those who do have the vaccines are fully protected, then why the rush and rampant drive for mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports?

The Vaccines Are New Technology

The vaccines are a new technology and society has been too cavalier with the adoption of new technology. Social media exists to connect, right? But more people disconnected and the world seems more divisive due to it. Social media seems to turn people into attention enthusiasts, as they record themselves, tweet nonsensical statements, and other take pictures intended to amplify themselves. It seems like social media helps individuals to connect in a more shallow by saying “look at me and my opinions”, like it, share it and retweet it so that my brand grows. I really don’t want to listen to you but you should really listen to what I have to say.

Indeed, social media and other forms of technology can provide great value but it has also shown to be invasive and shown that individuals are the product in many digital spaces.

The vaccines are a new technology, the FDA has yet to approve the vaccines. They are new and the FDA must still conduct its review.

Individuals Should Have the Ability to Choose

If individuals feel that they can merely wash their hands, practice the right precautions, eat well, exercise and conduct other activities to minimize their chances of obtaining or spreading the vaccine, that is up to them. Why is that that Russia and China, our adversaries are saying no to mandatory vaccines, in general, while leaders in the “supposedly” free, United States are calling for vaccine mandates? Leave it

Where is the accountability? Where is the full information? There isn’t full and comprehensive information. All we have is, take the vaccine and you’ll be fully protected man, according to President Joe Biden.

The issue here is, as many would note, is the lack of privacy, freedom, and individualism, all aspects that make the United States great and compelling. It is now becoming get vaccinated or become “less than” in society. Get vaccinated or face discrimination among those that you know and don’t know. You want to be fit in and be like everyone else? Get the vaccine. You want a job? You want to go get and food? You will have to have a vaccine passport.

Out With the Old Principles of Freedom and Liberty In With Full Control?

They are already pushing the vaccine passport in France and people are drawing pictures of Macron, the French leader, looking like Hitler. What happened to freedom, liberte, and egalite in France?

The point being, vaccines should not be mandatory and there should be political push back against it.

The world is slowly moving to a permission-ed system with these large pushes for actions controlled by a small groups of people who have a loud voice, you are either on that system or outside of that system. If you are within that system, you get all the benefits that they offer but if you are outside of that system, if you are a tiny bit outside of that system, you become classified as distinct and different from society, an outcast, and a second class citizen. If you question, just a little bit, you are classified as some sort of “-ist”.

We are living in a clown society that favors the outlandish and embraces it but shuns values like thrift, saving, work ethic, etc. Remember to watch, stay diligent, use your thinking caps, and act accordingly.