Who Is Surprised that Patrisse Cullors Fell From Leadership at BLM


Patrisse Cullors, a founder of the Black Lives Matter organization, is stepping down from the organization today. Why is she stepping down from the organization? She forgot what the organization was all about and used funds to Buy Large Mansions in predominantly white and wealthy neighborhoods.

This event is far from surprising.

It is another example of the issue of basing ideologies in a Marxist foundation. As noted several times before, the grift is as old as time. It works like this, you focus on identity politics, add a little “power to the people” and establish yourself as a leader who doesn’t have to do anything. 

A central part of the process is to ensure to continue to fan the flames and align yourself with other loosely connected organizations or groups such as LGBTQ+-%&*:) and others as well. Then, you must start raising funds to help individuals aid you in your “just cause”. The last part is to acquire as much assets or power as possible and cause havoc and destruction as you pursue this great equalization.

It has happened time and time again, only to end in great calamities for humankind. From China to Cuba to Russia, mass bloodshed, significant economic destruction, and suppression is what remains to this very day in some form or fashion in these areas where Marxism went out of control.

What Is the Difference Between a BLM Marxist and Capitalist?

If you look at Patrisse Cullors and her (BLM) Buy Large Mansions campaign, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

 A Marxist will say that they are doing it for the people, for you and your loved one’s and that they strive for equality above all as they gut you (financially or physically). 

The capitalist on the other hand, says, I’m in it to earn sustainable cash flows over time, you’re either with me and can gain value as you innovate, or not. If not, that’s fine. You may have other opportunities that you may want to pursue.

Organizations Such as BLM Focus on Division Over Progress

The very foundation of the United States is that there is opportunity, property rights, and value creation. Indeed, wave after wave of immigrants of all kinds have pursued this promise and have prospered. Yes, many still subscribe to the notion that the United States still has the infrastructure and the means in place to stay true to its promise. Of course, some do so legally, and others illegally. The desire is still that strong to immigrate to the United States and escape their local places of tyranny, desolation, and destruction.

While the Biden Administration is doing at the present moment with the proposed increase in taxes, the mishandling of the economy and steady rise in inflation, the lack of focus on the border issues, is bleeding the United States dry. Remember that great nations don’t fall quickly, they die by a thousand cuts. The current proposed trillions of government spending will far from help and will add to its bleeding.

How much more hidden taxes and costs can the average American citizen bear before it becomes excessive? How long can one paper over significant burdens that stem from bad policy decisions, regular government intervention, and waste of taxpayer monies?

The United States of America has been based on a strong foundation but various organizations and politicians continue to chip away at what makes the United States robust.

In the meantime, Patrisse Cullors, someone who is a self professed Marxist continues to run after capitalist endeavors with a book deal, a potential television deal, and buying large mansions to….we guess support the cause.