WHO Says Fully Vaccinated Should Wear Masks

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WHO or the World Health Organization noted that fully vaccinated should wear masks. That is surprising because President Biden said just the other day that if you get the vaccine and the second shot that you would be fully protected. He said that you should also evangelize and tell your friends, your family, and your community to take it too! The logic and the reasoning being that if you take it, you will be 100% fine and that the virus will not come near you. Well, SentryHill has noted several times how there has been mixed results in places like Israel, Seychelles and other countries when it comes to vaccines.

Does WHO Not Trust Vaccines with the Variant ?

It looks like the WHO does not think that current vaccines will not do so well against the variants. That is a problem because pharmaceutical companies will be quick to say that their vaccines will do quite well against variants that come about in the world. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies also say that they would suggest a booster shot within the next year so that everything goes well.

Recall, that as noted before, there are many questions with the vaccines. The first one that is on the minds of many people who have gotten COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated is how long will the vaccine offer protection. The answer is that the scientists and other experts are not fully sure about it. In addition to other risks that are present with the experimental vaccine, it is also an issue because of the vaccine passport notion that is trending among countries like Israel and a few others at the present moment.

The Vaccine Passport

The issue with the whole vaccine story is that it is something that is being presented as risk free but it comes with various costs. Those who take it may subjecting themselves to heart problems or other organ issues over time. Further, the other issue, besides the health one is the fact that vaccines and related passports present a new form of segregation, those who do have the vaccine and those that do not. If employers require it at the workplace or if countries require it to enter within their lands, that limits the mobility of the individual in more ways than one.

“They’re not “vaccine passports,” they’re movement licenses. It’s not a vaccine, it’s experimental gene therapy. “Lockdown” is at best completely pointless universal medical isolation and at worst ubiquitous public incarceration. Call things what they are, not their euphemisms.” – RoadtoSerfdom

In summary, the COVID-19 era is not over. While many more people are moving about and living their lives all over the world, governments continue to roll out the same playbook and continue to re-impose COVID protocols in certain areas.