Is Garland Trying to Squash Dissent?

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The Attorney General of the United States was in the spotlight following an edict he publicly made. Attorney General Merrick Garland made a stunning decree against parents who were allegedly threatening the school boards and other school officials and staff that they would have to face the full force of the Federal law enforcement agencies. According to the Attorney General, those parents threatening ‘violence’ would eventually land themselves in real trouble. The people’s objection of the Covid-19 restrictions and the Critical Race Theory (CRT) were the genesis of all this stir in the pot. The announcement from Garland, too bizarre for the citizens to come to terms with, was met with a fair share of critics and friction from the public. 

Governor Ron De Santis Pushes Back Against Garland

On the front line of the American citizens openly against the Attorney General’s decree was the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, obviously agitated and not ready to concede to the information from the announcement. In his own words, he claimed that the Attorney General was using intimidation as a tool, with the powers bestowed on him by the Department Of Justice, to mute those parents that were concerned about CRT and the pandemic control measures. The Governor was championing for guardians and parents to exercise their democratic rights to speak up and express themselves, representing their children’s grievances. However controversial, the views of the parents we supposed to be aired without them being intimidated and no government official from the great Biden’s regime had the power or authority to squelch the expression of views different from the stipulations of the government.  

The Florida Governor was working to defend the rights of the parents on matters Covid-19 containment measures, in the aim to determine whether their school-going children should be masked or not. Quoting the Parents Bill of Rights covering Florida, infringement of the fundamental rights to control the raising, education, mental health and general health of minors by the Government or any Government official is by any means nor allowed. Christina Pushaw who is the press secretary of the Governor, while addressing Fox News, announced that it was too early perhaps to determine the next move by the Governor in responding to the order from the Department of Justice but DeSantis was closely cross-checking and analyzing the situation aiming to protect the rights of the citizens of Florida from being infringed by the Government and the politicizing the federal law enforcement inappropriately. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was not supposed to interfere with the Florida Law Enforcement as the latter was fully capable of combating crimes in Florida. 

How Much Power Does the Federal Government Have?

The main issue raised by the Governor from Florida was that the Federal Government had no rights, whatsoever, to attempt to silence and bar the Floridians from expressing themselves within the confines of the constitution, terming it as against the American way and in the kindest word, despicable. The Federal Government could only interfere when harassment, terrorism, rioting, looting and assault were part and parcel of the protests. Any crimes perpetrated in Florida, their political context notwithstanding, were to be curbed and prosecuted in Florida. Any move from the Government to mess with such cases was to be considered an infringement of the freedom of expression of the people of the state of Florida, and the Governor’s mandate was to combat such infringements and interference’s. 

The grievances raised by the Florida Governor did not go unnoticed by the President of the United States, His Excellency Joseph Biden, who definitely had something to say concerning this matter the was raising eyebrows of all the concerned parties. In defending his Government, Joseph Biden the President alongside his officials, stated that they did not recognize parents to be the primary stakeholders in the education of their children. Cardona, the education secretary of the President was quoted by the media stating that the statement that parents are the primary stakeholders in the education of their kids is considered null by the Government headed by Biden.

This seemingly absurd acknowledgement by the President and his officials was not taken kindly by the Florida Governor. How could they dare think and openly admit that they could control and direct parents on how to bring up their children and tell them what they could do with their children? How unthoughtful and inconsiderate could the federal Government and its officials be? In the words of Governor Ron DeSantis, such an acknowledgement could only reveal that they were already in hazardous territory. How is it that when a parent takes part in the daily life affairs of their children, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and even the Marshal interferes? Are the citizens of the United State of America, particularly those from Florida, still in the barbarian ages? Is the Government headed by Biden openly disregarding the stipulations of the Constitution? The Parents Bill of rights is very clear on the rights and restrictions that control and direct the conduct of parents towards their children and it would not hurt the Government to obey the stipulations therein.