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You may have missed it, but on Thursday during his jobs report speech, Joe Biden switched gears in the middle of his diatribe to cover up his failure and proceeded to discuss his validation of the vaccine mandates.  To paraphrase the President’s word salad, he indicated that workers (both essential and non-essential) are getting fired to save lives. So, crushing workers and their families financially is saving lives?  How does that work, actually? 

On Friday, USA Today published a brief article stating there were more deaths in 2021 than in all of 2020 when we didn’t even have a vaccine.  Why is that, you ask?  Well, it’s the fault of the unvaccinated, of course.  It’s also the fault of the unvaccinated villains because Biden’s poll number are tanking into the 30’s.  Yes, it’s all their fault according to Press Secretary Jen Psaki.  That also includes people with natural immunity that no one talks about, and never mind the unvaccinated immigrants pouring across our border. 

The September jobs report was a disaster with only 194,000 new jobs added, but the President reassured us we are doing just fine. Financial Guru Steve Forbes was interviewed Friday by Fox News’ Harris Faulkner and stated, “Biden is firing his own workforce,” and indicated the mandates are raising costs.  Restrictive barriers diminish the number of capable workers in the work force.  Therefore, if businesses can’t hire enough people, the business will suffer financially and possibly close. So who’s going to pay taxes and fund the government?  Oh, I forgot.  It’s the rich people. 

The Long-Term Effects of Covid Chaos 

No doubt Covid has impacted our lives, our country, and our way of living. State and Federal mask mandates have caused much dissension in our workplaces, our schools, and on our careers.   

You want to attend school here?  Get the jab. 

You want to work here? Get the jab. 

You want to eat here? Get the jab. 

Globally, European countries are now deep in the throes of their second Covid spike and are instituting new restrictive programs.  Countries in the EU are managing the new outbreak with mandatory masking, business restrictions, reducing class sizes in schools, and mandatory testing where available. South Korea even has a phone app where you must submit your daily temperature readings to the government. Is it just a matter of time until Covid restrictions are permanent? 

Meanwhile back in the Good Ol’ US of A, parents are being thrown to the wolves for fighting for their rights to raise their children in the way they see fit.  Now, they are domestic terrorists.  Business owners are already facing shortages and safety personnel are leaving their jobs in droves, peeling off the scab of a gash they suffered under the “defund the police” movement.   

How Many Disasters Make a Catastrophe? 

There are 60 container ships being held hostage off California’s coast because there aren’t enough workers to unload the freight or truck drivers to get it to our depleted store shelves, yet Gavin Newsom has statewide vaccine mandates on workers. There are approximately 24,000 containers of goods per ship.  You can do the math. That means no clothing, no shoes, no batteries, no electronics, no toys, no nothing!  Those ships have been sitting off shore for weeks now, and the Biden Administration is just now putting together a “task force”?  Well if Buttigieg handles this crisis as efficiently as Kamala Czar did the border crisis, we are doomed as a free society.  No Christmas for you! 

I’m not sure where it goes from here, but I’m scared. It has taken only 9 months to throw the U.S. economy into a Titanic state.  There are calls for a mass exodus from public schools, there are huge holes in our public safety net, there is a gouging loss of healthcare workers, and streams of migrants breaching our border. Gas, food, and utilities are expected to reach an all-time high this winter. Crowds are chanting and gathering in protest expressing their anger and resentment of unconstitutional laws and bad government decisions that are being cast down upon them, their children and their families.  Joe Biden and his chosen administration is pounding away at the foundation of this country in record time.  How long until it collapses and it all falls down?  And, can it get worse?  That’s what I’m afraid of.