Why Are Politicians Not Paying Attention To Potential Superspreader Illegal Immigrants?

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Migrants illegally crossing the US border could act as major agents in the spread of the delta variant. To date, the southern border has documented record high apprehensions in this region; making the southern border one of the major problems for President Joe Biden’s administration.  The situation could worsen if Biden doesn’t take a dramatic shift on the current immigration policies.

In normal circumstances, the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States through the Sonoran Desert usually decreases considering the searing hot summer months. The trend usually persists even in years when the country records the highest population of entrants. However, 2021 has presented policy makers and the political class alike with a brand-new situation as the number of apprehended illegal migrants hit a historical high for months despite the unbearable heat.

That is far from surprising. SentryHill has noted how the situations in Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, and other South American countries in addition to Central American countries are in varying states of economic despair. Now, add the coronavirus pandemic and the different government responses to this equation and we see even more tragedy and economic decline. For instance, our recent reports indicate that where Venezuelans would flee to neighboring countries to escape their socialist hell, they are now making the trek north, to the United States due to lack of economic strength nearby.

Customs and Border Protection Note A Sample of Illegal Immigrants Test Positive For Coronavirus

Customs and Border Protection at the Rio Grande Valley confirmed that about 135 illegal migrants held at its crossing point had tested positive for COVID-19 in the first half of July only.  Elsewhere, reports have noted that border authorities had encountered close to 200,000 illegal migrants crossing the border point in June alone, the highest in the last two decades.

To date, the COVID-19 cases reported among the illegal migrants at the Rio Grande Valley area detention facilities account for about 60% of the detainees that have tested positive for the disease under the Customs and Border Protection care.  The situation remains unattended to as President Biden’s administration continues to contend with the ever-worsening challenges at the southern border point.

South Texas Police Department and Illegal Immigrants

The South Texas Police Department was forced to issue a public health announcement on 26th July  after illegal migrants were spotted with COVID-19 symptoms at Whataburger.  It emerged that the undocumented migrant family was released by the Border Patrol because they had COVID-19.  Worrisomely, a concerned citizen revealed that the family was coughing and sneezing without following basic COVID-19 guidelines like wearing a face mask and covering their mouths. The police later revealed that the Border Patrol was quarantining other migrants who had tested positive for the virus or were symptomatic then handed them over to non-profit Catholic charities in the area. The charities would in turn house the migrants in hotels in La Joya and McAllen.

Elsewhere, Kim Reynolds, the Governor of Iowa blamed migrants moving into the country through the Mexico border for the current COVID-19 spike. Kim expressed her fears revealing that none of the illegal migrants have had the COVID-19 jab despite the fact that they are being dispersed throughout the US. 

The Iowa governor placed a partial blame on the newcomers passing through the southern border for the sporadic spread of the delta variant.  According to Reynolds, the southern border serves illegal migrants from over 88 countries that lack COVID-19 vaccinations.

Currently, the safety of the citizenry lies in the hands of the political class despite its devil may care attitude when addressing the illegal migrants’ issue in relation to the spread of COVID -19.  It is time the US political class took a serious stand to stop the release of infected migrants as a control measure.

See, the point here is that those who are legal citizens of the United States are shamed or called idiots if they don’t take the vaccine. There is mass hysteria over the need for rolling out as much injections as possible and enforcing COVID-19 protocols. But when it comes to illegal immigrants, they are placed in hotels, move around without issues, and usually do not follow COVID-19 protocols. For a government that makes a huge deal about the pandemic and the need to ensure maximum safety of its citizens, you would think that Biden and his team would step up enforcement at the border to minimize the spread of this disease.

You would think that if it (COVID-19) was a huge deal that we should all be scared about, you know, as we stay safe, social distance, wear masks, and hang on every word that comes out of Fauci’s mouth, that the government would institute more defensive measures to minimize the spread from largely unvaccinated countries in Central and South America. Nations and people, which, by the way, President Biden would call less than intelligent due to the fact they do not have the vaccination as of yet.