Only One Reason They Would

Only One Reason they would’ve ALL simultaneously turned Against him.  

He’d been judged (by the powers that be) thusly: 

He’s gone “Off the Ranch”.  

He’s gone Rogue. 

These Party Members, who’ve been-in “Precision Lockstep” (reminiscent of a Chinese Military Exercise), since mid-2016, (must’ve) suddenly had a pow-wow, wherein “Marching Orders” were issued to ALL, as to how they MUST deal with this only-recently-exposed Dirty-Actor. 

Only, he Really wasn’t THAT, in their minds—it was in the Minds of the Party Shadow-Head(s) that he had, at this point, become a “PR Problem”. 

Now, MOST of us already thought just That, in fact many of us have been quite perplexed as to why we’re all STILL Stuck with this stumbling, bumbling excuse for a “Leader” (especially in light of his reprehensible behavior in early 2020, where Seniors were mandated to die at his behest). 

No-one of sound mind needs clarification on that-one. 

Of course, everyone on the “inside” knew he was Dirty, but the Party Line had-been to “play-along”, and “Keep Quiet”. 

We wonder: how did poor Letitia come to stand outside the Party Line…?  

Or did it even in-fact go-down that way? 

(In reality, we’re not worried for her…) 

What REALLY Happened, is that They had (Finally!) had enough of him, and Letitia was most likely just “following orders”…and we’re guessing she is in-line for some Prized Reward, in the near future. Time will tell… 

Now, it’s possible that he hadn’t (back in Early 2020) gone “off the reservation”, but had just been following orders” himself. These so-called “indiscretions”, however, were seemingly on his own time. 

And then… 

Once those “Indiscretions” came-out, The Party Shadow-Head(s) were faced with a “Grim-Choice”… 

File:andrew cuomo by diana robinson. Jpg - wikimedia commons

He was becoming a HUGE (pronounced “Yuge”) Liability… 

And it’s quite plausible, in the minds of some, that this was, indeed a Sting, a Trap, a Plan. 

Some think that ALL of Them have Zero Intelligence. 

With regard to him, we confidentially agree. Most of the rest, have “perhaps a shred or two”… 

But then, when one factors-in everything else they’ve been accused-of (including Stupidity), his most egregious crime would’ve been that he’s been So Stupid with regard to his “going about it”. 

C’mon, Really? Enlisting your brother to come-out with a statement of denial/defense? 

(Your brother being in the mainstream media) 

Does it get much more Mafioso than that? 

That level of Brainlessness and/or arrogance has to be on a level with those of Nero, or the like. 

(Not that there aren’t Party members who reside quite comfortably “on the same level”)) 

What is WRONG with these people? 

Why, nothing, in their minds. 

In their minds, their actions and behavior are well-within the guidelines of their twisted Moral Code: “For Me, but NOT for THEE, you see!” 

Governor andrew cuomo at belmont stakes | governor andrew cu… | flickr

The only difference between the two of them (himself & Nancy), is that he’s crossed-over some invisible-line, and has become (in the Party’s Mind) a threat to their diaphanous “Mask of “innocence”. 

We wish that more of them had his level of comprehension, and lack of intelligence. 

We wish we knew how to nudge her over that line

Thus, along with him, they could both be gotten rid of. 

In the meantime, we wait, and Pray. 

Freeman S. Real

In the 80s, a Legendary Man hit the radio airwaves, and rekindled innumerable spirits, souls who knew implicitly that 1776 was not a fluke, nor a mistake, and it's spirit must be kept alive at all costs. The only possible alternative is to see mankind once again relegated to nothing but mere "Subjects" of the King/Queen/Whatever. At long last, our soul stirred in excitement. After all, The American Visionaries sacrificed EVERYTHING, so that you & I could have a "well-lit candle of hope" to steward. We feel an enormous sense of gratitude toward those brave & brilliant souls... We cannot grasp the "mental blind-spot" of those who only seek to extinguish that "Flame of Freedom"-save for those who lust for nothing but power in this temporary existence. Their motives are WELL Understood. Count me, as one of many humble stewards of that well-lit-flame. When not marveling over the weight of these obligations, and all the humbling aspects of them, Freeman S. Real enjoys many disciplines of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, bonding with Nature, Exploration, Family & Friends, Creativity, and helping others. F.S.R. (June 2021)

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