Queen Nancy Our Future President?

Part Two is for YOU, Nancy! 

Some are opining that due to recent events, folks are going to “turn” on  old Uncle Joe in the White House. Whether that be via impeachment, or perhaps the 25th Amendment, either would bring us to the brink of a crisis.  

Maybe even a Constitutional Crisis. 

(Add to the mix: State Legislatures are actively pursuing Elector Decertification) 

Since the Jamaican VP can’t become Commander-In-Chief, (due to those Pesky-things known as “Constitutional Rules”), that would leave us stuck-with (possibly) Queen Nancy. 

In days-past, people raised flags as-to certain (supposedly) power-mad Presidents, saying that they weren’t going to leave office, as scheduled, but they were (instead) going to “enact some type of ‘coup’” to remain in power. 

Trump was only the latest victim of this type of attack… 


The News Cycle with Nancy is enough to make her head-spin. 

Yet, we should all be used-to that. 

Advancing nearly $5 Trillion in graft-laden new spending, feigning concern for Afghani women, while deflecting questions about the Administration’s Failed Policy! 

(She’s adroitly keeping those plates spinning on their sticks) 

Yet, she’ll find some way, to Platitude-Away 

Even this… 


Won’t you? 

Do tell, Queen Mother Nancy. 

Please Deliver Us from Our Lying Eyes & Ears, for they are nothing but the Tools of Satan, might say the Catholic Queen Mother… 

Forgive me anyone, if, for a moment-there my passion “crossed the line”, albeit in a much-different fashion than our Poor, poor sinful Governor Andy… 

Of course we’ll likely hear nothing except the deafening silence…and a small dose of the predictable pabulum… 

At least we can give thanks that our ears may be spared the repetitive blame & drivel of a Lost-President’s Address… 

But, let’s go back to the shopping list of offenses that we alluded-to in Part 1, shall we? 

Financial Transactions smacking of multiple offenses that are only a footnote to the tangled web—a web so skillfully-woven that is ensnares (and mollifies) the clueless and/or complicit media. 

Secretive handsome rewards, spread-around to those who would surely be listed as also-culpable–rewards that are but a Sliver of the huge pie section served to the queen, and/or other officials of “similar stature”… 

Oh, but it doesn’t end there.  

Rising to the level of High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and in stark Criminal Contrast to it ALL is this: Impunity & disdain for the Citizenry for the duration of her term –AND Inaction (malfeasance?) to even address a “Poop-a-Palooza” kind of crisis on the ground in her home-based district… 

Something that is reported to have been rampant in the mid-1700s, in France, as well, by the way… 

Let THAT sink into your (by now) mostly-impervious (because you have-to-be) poor, (addled-by-all-the-corruption) mind. Jesus.

Mother Mary, Help US! 

(Yet, in perpetuity, Queen Mother Nancy, will surely do whatever suits, and take whatever actions best fit the definition of “own best personal interest” – unless someone or something finds a way to halt these insults to her-Local and Our-National Integrity!) 

Malfeasance, that would surely be called-out, were the media not in the Power-Misers’ back-pockets. 

The simple conclusion:  The US is now, nothing more than a Kleptocracy, which benefits the chosen-few, ‘aka’ the Rich and Powerful. 

The rapidly-disappearing Middle Class is cast-aside, and expected to fend for themselves (perhaps “eat cake?”). 

This declining Middle Class, on a crash-course with extinction, to the tune of The Media-Drummed-Mantra:  

“This is our last 10 years to fix the Climate!”–the 3rd of 4 such “Final-Decade-Long-Last-Chances”–and Still More Ironic, isn’t it that Greta has aged from what? Eleven or 12, to her present 18 years of age, whilst repeating the 10-year-refrain the whole time? 

(Can anyone do the math?) 

But if one can somehow ignore all the “Noise”, we think it would become eminently-clear that what Americans want-most is to put us on a path that restores our Country. 

(Author’s Note: let’s not forget that Greta is “just following orders” 

We would NOT want to be in poor Greta’s shoes… 

Because once you’ve “sold-out” to “Them”, your fate is in their hands… 

More cannot be said, here, however, keep YOUR eyes peeled for whatever becomes of her. 

A sad tale, to be sure. 


Some might say there are the “Bad & Ugly”, whilst the “Good” are conspicuously absent either through abdication, apathy, and/or the “daily struggle of survival” that life has become in this once-Proud, former Constitutional Republic. 

Oh, Yes, it’s fully-expected, that some will call me negative, call me a fomenter of depression & hopelessness. 

And the Carbon-Vapor-Brains will use even more vehement expletives, whilst Shouting-me-down, and marching-away-haughtily so they can escape the Possibility of an intelligent debate, for which they only have conjecture… 

They’d have nowhere to stand, if only they’d be so-bold as to stand-up and have a truly-honest and fair debate—OH, and don’t forget: 

Just the facts, Ma’am–bring just the facts. 

From Nancy to Greta, and a million or so-in-between, you can’t argue with “a sick mind”. But let us not be the ones to ponder imponderables…eh? 

Oh, Dear! What a tangled & treacherous web has been woven. 

From COVID-Lockdown-Salon-Blowout-Entrapment-Fairy-Tales, to a “Legacy of Nepotism”, and a Lineage of questionable family morality (Bordering on Soprano-Like back-room-deals & who knows what else?), The family tree reeks of profitable misgivings, ethical violations, and well, much worse. Including that which can’t quite be (or won’t be) pursued, much-less proven, or, if even someone so-attempts to pursue that course, they are certain to-be stonewalled, quashed, or otherwise perilously impeded, all in the name of…What, exactly? 

(All whilst The 4th Estate Remains, Dutifully Absent, Criminally Complicit, both, or even much-worse?) 

And That Gratuitous Insult – the pinnacle of disrespect & disdain: the mocking-respectful-clap (At the last “real” State of the Union), and worse, the tear-up which followed. 


An old-friend of ours, named “Rico” has always said to “follow the money”… 

Nancy’s Negligence has been…Legendary, in such a way that should History Record even but a handful of the now-suppressed facts…The Scope & Impact of the damage that has been done to our Constitutional Republic, (once-revealed) will-be-in-many people’s opinion “immeasurable”. In one publication’s opinion: “Devastating”. 

(Let’s not easily-accept THAT, or EVER forget THAT, Agreed?) 


The clock ticks, always, for every one of us… 

And, if that is the only thing that ultimately gives pause to the reign of tyranny that has been foisted upon us, via her time in office…we can only hope that the scope and magnitude are limited by the same, and not perpetuated by some successor.  

Let’s not forget that addressing “fraud in the voting booth” remains an item on ALL of our “To-Do” Lists. 

We can only pray she doesn’t ascend to the Throne through some twist-of-fate — Or was that Their Plan all along? 

Henry VIII, in the flames of the eternal, you now have something of a worthy challenger. 

IS ONE Politician, ensconced in a position of power more (or as) dangerous as a criminal-gang armed with Taliban-smuggled-in Automatic Weapons, on the street? (We shall leave that for the reader to decide.) 

“Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook.”  -President Truman 

As more time passes, more and more corruption infiltrates our hallowed halls of once-renowned Freedom, whilst the Kleptocrats routinely increase in their level of boldness, egregiousness, and disdain for us commoners… 

In the midst of it all, it’s sometimes difficult to realize the “cumulative effect”. 

Still, “The Patriot’s weariness/exhaustion” compels us to ask daily: 

At what price, Nancy? 

Is this last “crack in the dike” the one that triggers the massive-breach? 

Will our only choice be to go the way of France, or will the Chinese/Taliban/ISIS-backed execution of Madame Liberty (pardoned by a Complicit Power-Mad Queen) be swift and painless? 

(A Final Relegation for all of us commoners, to once again become chattel, sworn to servitude.) 

It wasn’t Divine Intervention that granted us Deliverance from Andy. (It was his-own stepping-in-it). 

We can only hope she goes home, and does the same – the order of those 2 events are unimportant. 

Either one should do the trick. 

Freeman S. Real

In the 80s, a Legendary Man hit the radio airwaves, and rekindled innumerable spirits, souls who knew implicitly that 1776 was not a fluke, nor a mistake, and it's spirit must be kept alive at all costs. The only possible alternative is to see mankind once again relegated to nothing but mere "Subjects" of the King/Queen/Whatever. At long last, our soul stirred in excitement. After all, The American Visionaries sacrificed EVERYTHING, so that you & I could have a "well-lit candle of hope" to steward. We feel an enormous sense of gratitude toward those brave & brilliant souls... We cannot grasp the "mental blind-spot" of those who only seek to extinguish that "Flame of Freedom"-save for those who lust for nothing but power in this temporary existence. Their motives are WELL Understood. Count me, as one of many humble stewards of that well-lit-flame. When not marveling over the weight of these obligations, and all the humbling aspects of them, Freeman S. Real enjoys many disciplines of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, bonding with Nature, Exploration, Family & Friends, Creativity, and helping others. F.S.R. (June 2021)

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